Monday, August 20, 2012

parley view parsnip. . . bento and lighting !

Daughter came over and made Vegan Bento Boxes.
She is perfecting her recipes and I am a very willing taste tester !

These are so Kawaii !
Just look at all the really fun Bento Boxes.
I would have loved this as my lunch when I was at work !
Goodness I want this for my lunch now !

The Tamago Sushi on the top of this plate, the "egg" part was made from tofu.
Pretty and so tasty. The sushi roll was unboshi paste and cucumber.
And Yes,  I love tofu !

Storm over the Catalina Mountains.

moving east and sweeping south,
it took about five minutes to get to my home.

I love raindrops on my windows.

You almost can't see the bubbler in my front yard fountain with all the raindrops. 

Sunday night a storm blew in so fast, all thunder and the sky lighting up like a million flash bulbs.
The sky was dark but the lighting turned it lavender.

Can you see the faint strike going to the right, this shot came right after the top photo.

Here is your pretty to start the week...

These clouds where just to the west of the lighting strikes.
What an evening !

bento. . . parsnip
music. . . Is It Any Wonder ?  Keane
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  1. Hello Gayle:
    What delicious looking food for anyone's lunch box!! We should love it.

    And once more some amazing images of the sky alive with an electric storm. You really do live in the most amazing place, so very different from anywhere known to us. Wonderful.

    We are away from the computer for a week or so but will return!!

  2. Wow, You really captured some amazing shots Gayle. How spectacular.
    I love the bento boxes too. You're making me hungry!
    One of these days I'll get to experience that season in AZ.

  3. i love the idea of the bento box. and your photos are amazing!


    smiles, bee

  4. What skies! Pink lightening! Divine!
    My DIL was lauding tofu this week-end. I think it must have improved since I tried it years ago.

  5. I love your photography, Gayle!

  6. I've always enjoyed watching storms. Terrific shots!