Monday, August 27, 2012

parley view parsnip... clouds, astronaut and dogs

My Monday post about what is going on around my home in
Tucson, Arizona.

I am sure if you have read this blog long enough...
you know my infatuation with the clouds over Tucson.

Friday we had some wonderful clouds

Big fluffy thunderheads, growing higher and hight into the sky.
With the promise of rain to come.

Evening clouds 

being tinted gold

by the setting sun.

My eyes are always lifted up to the sky.
Looking at the blue sky, clouds and the stars and moon at night.
I am so lucky to be living here.

Saturday I read about the death of
Astronaut Neil Armstrong.

I remember the start of the space program and how exciting it was.
But what I really liked about it was promise it gave us.
It gave us all hope and courage that we could do anything.
Such promise.
The space program started out with rockets being launched and failing. Either blowing up on the launch pad, tipping over or blowing up only seconds into the launch.
And yet the scientists  kept trying and building rockets till they finally seceeded.
Sending us soaring into space.
Hope is a wonderful thing.
Courage is uplifting
Success is possible.
We seem not to have that kind of excitement or promise in our lives today.
And I think that is very sad.

Here is your pretty for the starting of the week

A hint of Fridays post!
yert !

hopeful. . . parsnip
music. . .  Sailing,  The Cafe Carlyle Sessions

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  1. Beautiful clouds and I hope Isaac disappears without damage.

    1. I hope Isaac can disperse and not cause anymore damage.
      I have a friend in Florida, who had to close her storm shutters to help keep out the rain and wind.
      Hope your Granddaughter is not in the path of the storm. What a welcome to University life.

      cheers, parsnip

  2. Neil Armstrong was an amazing man, I nearly met him once then had to change my plans at the last minute, I regretted it!

  3. so sad about us not going forth on the space program. i remember the exact moment when he walked on the moon. i was on okinawa going through the guard gate to get on base and the guard told me!

    i opened the shutters one foot, still some wind and rain but not too bad now. i had to get some light in here.

    yert to the square boys!!!

    smiles, bee

  4. The clouds are beautiful. And I share your same sadness. And your square little fur-peeps are adorable.


  5. Wonderful clouds and blue skies.
    I too remember the Moon Landing. I was fifteen - a very long time ago!

    1. I was working at a job far from home and I remember calling home.

  6. He was an extraordinary man, one of a program full of them. I think we need to go back, and to go onwards, further out into the solar system, and not just with probes. One of the defining things that make us human is our curiousity, to see what's out there.

    1. I remember reading all about the space program and John Glen ( he had a son somewhat close in age to me and that really brought it home to me) was one of the earlier astronauts in a program as you said was full of extraordinary men.
      The University Of Arizona in Tucson is very much involved in what is left of the space program. Much of the Land Rover on Mars right now was designed here.

  7. I don't want to say too much because I plan to write about it myself sometime in the near future, but I, for one, haven't given up on space exploration. And by space exploration I mean NASA, not a bunch of billionaires mining an asteroid.

  8. I love your clouds Parsnip - not least because the sky behind them is such a wonderful, brilliant blue.

  9. Gayle, I always love your photos...and your furry housemates!

    I always admired Neil Armstrong, as I was a big fan of the space program. Astronauts are the ultimate explorers. (And I took a degree of silly pride in the fact that Neil Armstrong and I had the same birthday.)

  10. Lovely clouds both fluffy and tinted! Look for the full moon tonight as it will be the last "Blue Moon" until 2015. Have a wonderful weekend. :)