Friday, August 24, 2012

Square Dog Friday... sad day

We all know what day of the week it is so lets hit it...
woof !

nice tall persons who plays and walks with us is leaving us to go to more school whats that?
even Watson who lurves nice tall person who walking' us thebest is sadder.
he lurves the walkin' person best always sleepn' in his room
he is so sad sadder that im' seeing him ever

woe woe is me... bad bad day for gud square dug no gud nogud at all
not sure what fresh pac but im' stayn' here
but im' knowing its bad badbad bad
no liken' when boxes and suitcases come out.

me hamish is filled with woe woewoewoe woe

even pen in nice tall person cupthingie is not making square dug happy day
woe woe woe is me and Watson
hamish is going to sit in box now
no gud...
yert !

Here is your pretty to start the weekend.

sad. . . parsnip
music. . . Missing,  Amplified Heart
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  1. ohmygudnessguddogs! howverysadandbadday. getlotsoftreatstodayanddon'tcry,k?

    smiles, bee

    i love fridays here!

    1. They are sad and kind of driving us crazy getting under our feet.
      Square Dogs do not like suitcases or boxes....

  2. Waah! Don't be sad dogs. Think squeaky toys!

  3. Replies
    1. we need the rain but we are tired of the hot humid monsoon that were very strange this year.

  4. I don't think you two can go off to school. You'd end up taking too much attention away from the professors.

  5. Poor little darlings. I expect your heart is aching too.

  6. Eat lots of treats and sleep in the tall person's bed and lay all over his pillows.

    Sir Poops and Hair Ball

    That's what we do when our No-No-o leaves us. She went to Canada and then NYC, but she came back but says she's leaving us again next year. She's moving to Israel.

    1. Oh dear, you have one that is coming and going too.
      Wow Israel that is a long way.
      I am so used to the flight to Osaka, done it so many times but it still is a long way to go.

  7. poor pups! *sigh* treats from someone who knows what they're talking about...and xoxoxo for you, sugar! ;~)

  8. What a lovely photo. That last picture is breathtaking!

  9. Extra chicken strips are in order!

  10. Buster is sad for the Square ones but tells them that most people come back again sooner or later!
    He hopes so anyway!