Monday, August 6, 2012

parley view parsnip... jalapeno

My Monday post about what is going on around my home.

Last Wednesday I wrote about pickled jalapenos and
jalapeno candy daughter was making.

Pickled jalapenos with carrots and garlic

Jalapeno Candy or sometimes called Cowboy Candy
The very easy recipie is below.

Several people wanted to know about the jalapeno pepper.
It is a hot small to medium green chili pepper about 2 -3 1/2 inches long .
It is usually picked and eaten green but can be fully ripen and will turn red.
Since they are from Mexico they are used in Southwestern and Mexican dishes.

They are wonderful roasted and the more seed and veins you remove the less hot they will be.
Here are two roasted and the skin taken off.
I think the above chillies might be some Hatch chillies but the idea is the same.

The Desert Rocks asked for the recipe for Jalapeno Candy so here it is.

I half the recipe and I don't can them.
I use clean jars (dishwasher clean) and just store them in the refrigerator.
We make just enough to share and eat and they go fast around my home.
If you like chutneys this reminds me of them as it is spicy, tangy, hot and sweet all at the same time.
I use them on cottage cheese, cream cheese and crackers, on sandwiches and hamburgers.
I have even put some cut up veggies in the left over syrup.
I boil my syrup a-bit longer than she does (you need to watch it) before you pour it over the jalapenos.
But that is just me.
Because I don't can them this recipe is very easy and goes really fast.
The recipe looks long but read it once and cut out the canning part and it is easy.
I just enjoy making and eating the jalapenos both ways.
Enjoy !

Here is your pretty to start the week
Sunday rain clouds

Scotties either like the water or don't.
Can you guess which ones they are ?
Just look at thoes faces of joy !   It was just misting and they are
"ackkk, water no no no no !  no gud "
So here is your funny to start the week....

Two very miffed Scotties.

jalapeno. . . parsnip
music. . . Rainy Day,  Tatsu Yamashita
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  1. i don't like to be in the rain either so i think they are VERY smart! and i also think i would love the pepper candy with cream cheese and crackers.


    smiles, bee

  2. The one that isn't wet looks rather righteous I think, as much as to say -
    'well I hope you agree that he looks really silly wet through.'

  3. What would they make of their homeland I wonder?
    Not a lot I suspect:)

  4. I like jalapinos, but usually need a quart of water to wash them down, they're so hot.

    The one scottie is so miffed, he's refusing to look at the camera.