Sunday, January 1, 2012

parley view parsnip...

My Monday post about what is going on around my home.
Dragons and Ozoni soup !
Every year Japanese Family sends me a paper-mache zodiac animal.
And yes it is a bobble-head Dragon ! ! ! @_@
I bought my first one, The Year Of The Monkey on my very first trip to Japan.

They also send every year, a small Kagamimochi.
This is made up of two rounded mochi rice cakes on top of each other.
The Baby Dragon (on this one) holds a tangerine a symbol of good luck.

Kagamimochi or mochi
is eaten as part of the New Year celebration filled with special dishes called Osechi-ryori .
A favorite way to eat mochi in the New Year is Ozoni or New Year Soup.

Daughter made us some Ozoni using the Mochi that was sent to us for our soup on January 1st.
A clear light broth was made from Kombu kelp and the water the dried Shitake Mushrooms were soaked in.
This was heated and poured over
Shitake Mushroom cut with a star shape
Carrots cut into a Sukura Blossoms
Daikon Raddish
with the fried Mochi placed on top.
I also added some Bonita flakes.
The mochi is sticky and very chewy so one has to be careful when eating it.
But so very delicious when fried.

Making a New Year appearance is Dr. Watson,
My little old dog.
I lurve him !

and the hamish..
Oh what can I say ?
yert !

soup. . . parsnip
music. . . I Wish I Knew, Boz Scaggs
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  1. That looks so attractive and appetising but may I be excused chopsticks please?
    Hugs for the square ones.

  2. Two very wise dogs you have there Parsnip.

  3. That little dragon makes me laugh. And the food--so pretty. I had a Japanese student staying once and she told me all about the lovely tradition of creating beautifully presented food at the new year.

    Hugs to your dogs. They are just too adorable for words! Especially Dr. Watson's eyebrows.

  4. The Dragon looks cool!

    And Watson and Hamish appear to be ready to unleash Operation World Domination.

  5. Weaver...
    One wise dog and one very nutty one !
    but I love them.

    Japanese son just tweeted that he was eating lots of mochi and ozoni with family.

    They would be working on timetable but the naps and chicken strips are getting in the way.

  6. interesting what different cultures do for the new year, in the south they eat blackeyed peas and collard greens.

    those boys look adorable as always! yert!

    smiles, bee

  7. Cuteness overload on this post! I like the way you photographed your dragons back-lit with a seamless background. The Sukura blossom carrots in the soup are adorable. Nice of Dr. Watson and Hamish to make an appearance!

  8. The soup looks beautiful and very tasty, I'm feeling slightly ashamed of my plain diced carrots!

  9. Soup looks lovely. And a happy new year to you and the dogs!