Sunday, January 29, 2012

parley view parsnip...

My Monday post about what is going on around my home.
Tucson, Arizona has some of the nicest weather.
Yes, somewhat too hot in summer (you learn to work around that) but with bright clear blue skies, fabulous cloud formations and colors that will amaze you it is all worth it.
I have a very nice Casio, Exilim camera my son picked out for me on my last trip to Japan.
It is really just a small point and click.
And I love it.
I have problems lifting things and keeping them steady, so this is a perfect lightweight camera for me.

I do "fluff up" (technical term) some of my photos here and there using the Picasa program. Trying to get them more like what I really saw.
But if you know the program you really can't do a whole lot.
I am posting some "unfluffed" (sorry, technical term again) photos of three different sunsets from last week. Straight from the camera to my computer to the blog.
I must tell you that the colors where so much brighter and almost eye searing in their intensity.
Most of my photos are taken from my front and back yards.
Goodness I love the Tucson skies.

taken from my studio window so some reflection

Instead of doing lots of reading of government paper work because I am applying for Social Security and Medicare.... argh ! ! !
I am sitting at the "fun" work desk and drawing with prismacolor pencils....
They are very waxy/oily so you can lay down the color very thickly, looking much like gouache paints.

this Prickly Pear is indeed purple, magenta and lime green.

blooms on my Century Plant ( Agave Americane)

the stalk of the Century Plant

more Prickly Pear cactus

cactus and the mountain view from my studio.

Watson was helping me fold one of the doggie blankets straight from the dryer. Notice how helpful he is by sitting on the nice warm blanket.
Hamish was at hospital again much of last week, so Watson was helping me with the laundry.
Thank You, sweet doggie, you are such a big help.
Couldn't do it without you !
prismacolor. . . parsnip
music. . . Burning In The Sun, Blue Merle
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  1. Amazing artwork! I hope Hamish is feeling better soon.

  2. Beautiful wonder you never tire of them.

    Watson looks to be missing his best friend. Hoping that Hamish is better now.

    1. Yes, the skies are amazing the last two photo... some of the gray was really turquoise blue
      strips in the sky. It doesn't even show up in the photos.

  3. I love sunsets, both as they are and in photos!

    I hope Hamish is back up to his usual self soon!

    1. Hamish went in for a tune-up... he has another infection so is on some more meds. He is always pretty spunky.

  4. hamish at the hospital? noooo, just nooooo... yert! yert! yert! woof!

    hugs, bee

    1. Awwww, he is back home and doing well.
      Sending big hugs to you from the Square Ones.

  5. So beautiful. What a wonderful place you live in. You capture the beauty in great detail.

    1. Yes, I am so very lucky to be able to live here.
      I smile every morning.

  6. You're a very good artist. I know you've written in the past that you're a greeting card designer. Now that you're about to retire, maybe you should try getting your work in a gallery. Or is it one already?

  7. beautiful sunsets--I am always camera in hand trying to capture them--changing every moment --each seemingly more beautiful than the last--and then finding the camera just didn't quite get it

    the cactus paintings are wonderful--I love the colors on the prickly pear

  8. I love your photos, Gayle...but especially those featuring the Square Ones!

  9. Amazing variation in the colour of the skies.
    You have more luck than I do with Picasa. it has taken me all morning to post two photos - without any dialogue or even a title.

  10. Sunsets are always stunning... and the light is always different.