Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday In Japan...

My Wednesday post about my life in Japan...
Feeling a bit homesick, so I started looking at some photos of my last trip.
This is my sons neighborhood where I get to live while in Japan.
Train station just down the street. This is a local line that connects to the bigger JR line.

You can see the train at the crossing between the two flags.

The neighborhood Lawson's, where one can find almost anything.
Best store ever !

Best breakfast... rice balls, one filled with umeboshi, pickled plum and one with tuna, iced coffee and orange juice.

You pull the front tab on the wrapping down then you pull both side out and seaweed magically covers the rice ball.
Nice and crisp and not soggy. This one was filled with tuna, so good.

Tombow... best Okonomiyaki restaurant ever.
Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake cooked on a stove right in front of you filled with a variety of ingredients.

Beautiful, utility cover showing the wonders of Osaka, just in front of family apartment.

The suitcase that I bring filled with gifts to give, comes home filled with gifts I have been given plus a few items I have bought. I didn't buy any dishes this trip.

missing. . . parsnip
music. . . One Summer's Day, Joe Hisaishi
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  1. I love my virtual visits to Japan!
    Buster sends his best.

    1. aww, Thank You so much, I so love the visits I take on your blog.
      Especially the walks with Buster.

  2. who lavishes love on the square boys when you go? i wish i could. yert!!

    smiles, bee

    1. Never fear they are well taken care of.
      Usually I have a child that stays home and becomes their full time servant and take care of "their" home.
      They would love to have some attention from you.

  3. What an interesting walk around your son`s home in Japan. You must really look forward to your visits.

    1. He lives in one of the nicest areas and like much of Japan his neighborhood is filled with lots of shops, restaurants and services. In back of the train station is the river with parks and places to walk and sit. Perfect.

  4. But Gayle where do your clothes go in the suitcase?

    1. Son is always surprised when I visit...
      I have one suitcase that has clothes, shoes and other stuff. Then the larger suitcase is filled with gifts. I also have a small designed for planes rolling bag that goes on with me. I have worked all this out over the years. Plus I always make sure I have a laundry near.

  5. Ha! Pat made me laugh.

    Wonderful virtual visit, thank you. Okonomiyaki sound delicious and I love it when food is cooked right in front of me, it amplifies the fact that I'm not having to cook it myself.

    1. Since we know the owners, and DIL works there part time so we are family. The food is so good. I crave their pork and kimchee.

  6. Oh Parsnip you do sound to be missing it all. What happens to those two square black dogs when you go?

    1. Oh, I am missing it all very much. I always have such a great time when I am there.
      I have been somewhat sad (?) for the last few weeks, too much government paper work, friends health problems, dealing with my x, too many financial decisions and it just seems to be bad news all around. I am tired of it all.
      Unfortunately my deteriorating health is making me have to cancel my trip to visit this year and I miss my Japanese family and friends.
      But I am so very lucky to live where I do so I really can't complain too much.

      The Square Ones if a family member can't stay with them are boarded. The place they stay in Tucson is called a Pet Resort and there is a pool, they both don't like water so they don't use it. They have an indoor, outdoor run so they love to sit in the sun. They also have a staff that will play with your dog or in their case cuddle time. Someone comes in sits down and visits with them scratch their ears and tell them what great doggies they are. They love it !
      What a life they lead !
      I have many friend and me too, who say when they die they want to come back as my dogs !

  7. Interesting to see English-language words (and letter) interspersed with Japanese characters. Is there a US base nearby?

    1. Unlike in Mexico... Japan (Korea some what) uses "english " words, especially in their advertising. They are sometimes used as direct translations but sometimes not is the way the word should be used, so you sometimes get some very interesting ads.
      Japanese seem to want to learn and use English being part of the Pacific Rim Nations. They have strong ties to Australia, New Zealand, England and of course America. We Americans on the other hand just take it for granted that everyone knows English.
      I must say I am guilty of that as I have forgotten most of my Spanish and I am now trying to learn Japanese but doing very poorly at it.
      Their are several bases in Japan but not one near where son lives.

  8. The Lawson is now remodeled... The front of the store is a bit different now with automatic doors. Inside it's less crowded too. You'll like the changes next time you're back! :D


    English is ubiquitous throughout the Japanese language, but they are practically Japanese words because they are transformed to fit the sounds of the language and written in a separate script (Katakana). Many of my students use loan words from English without knowing they are loan words. To them these words are native Japanese words. One of the hardest things to do as a teacher here is to re-teach English loan words which are fine in Japanese but often used incorrectly in English conversation or pronounced so differently that they are undecipherable to the untrained ear.