Monday, October 24, 2011

parley view parsnip...

My Monday post about what is going around my home...
Day and Night....

Monday 8 a.m. Tucson, Arizona

Sunday 10 p.m.
This little spider and I have been battling over ownership of my small garden fountain.

Dining, Living Room View from my garden at 10 p.m.
No matter how much I like the early morning, especially in the quiet foothills area that I live in. I think that Twilight and Evening is what I love the most.
Maybe all the late nights I stay up after school and working all day, the quiet evenings enveloping me so I could finish my school work. It followed me through taking care of the family, all the noise of the day would melt away so I could start my art about 10 p.m..
I even love driving at nigh when all around you are dark shadows lighted by the moon and stars and then you come upon traffic light at the intersection glowing a welcome.

Kitchen view with open door to my studio to the right.
As I turned around from taking the fountain photo, this is my home. I love the way my home glows and softly welcomes me to come in.

glowing. . . parsnip
music. . . Night and Day, Ella Fitzgerald

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  1. Lovely home, yes I could move in quite easily! lol!

  2. What a fine sky in that first image!

  3. it's just beautiful!!!

    smiles, bee

  4. It is unusual to see a spider web and a fish in the same space, but I like it! Beautiful lighting in all of these images. :)

  5. Parsnip, you have a wonderful home!

  6. mrsnesbitt...
    ...and I could move right into your home ! love your new kitchen.

    Thank you that morning was so nice, it smelled so green.

    Empress Bee...
    It is very simple and easy to keep clean, I like it !

    Diane AZ...
    I will win this battle. Don't know what type of spider (?) it is but it or a friend is trying to build between plants.

    I lurve my home !

  7. What a beautiful place you live in Parsnip. I'm thinking of your love of night and evening and perhaps it relates to the lovely light you're surrounded by in the daytime desert. The dark is a sweet contrast.

  8. You've got a beautiful home, Parsnip.

  9. Joanna...
    I really bought the house for the view. I had another idea for what I wanted in a home but since I only had a day to look and buy a house... I went for view and quiet.

    Thank you I like it, really minimal, except my studio that is filled with stuff.