Friday, October 14, 2011

Random Friday....

Watson was helping laying brick for a new patio...
A nap after all that hard work...

What happens after breakfast.
Twice a day after eating Hamish gets an Insulin shot, two kinds of eye drop (in preperaton for his eye surgery) allergy pills and a pain pill for my little old man Watson. The Chicken strip treat is for after all the meds.

What a beautiful vegetable, I can't believe how white it is.

The baked chips I made from the Turnip.

I love taking random table photos.
I have lots of these random shots and I am thinking these would look great in a little book.

because it is my blog and you all know my love of clouds,
here is the weekend moments of zen.

dancing. . . parsnip
music. . . Siboney, Shigeru Umebayashi
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  1. Mmmmmmm parsnip chips sound yummy! Think they will go lovely with my vegetable curry!

  2. What a troublemaker!!! i love him laying on the brick! (the gorgeous brick, it looks great!)

  3. cute little brick layer! and poor baby all those meds, almost like me only i don't get a shot.

    the turnip is really beautiful, before i read that i had no idea what it was! and i hate turnips! my grandmother made me eat one once and i never forgot it, she boiled it and really she wasn't mean, it's just she came out of the depression and had a rule, if you put it on your plate you had to eat it and i thought it was a potato. sigh...

    smiles, bee

  4. Beautiful photos! Love the turnip. And yes, there is a wee doggie in my photo. Tis Lily the Toy Poodle :-)

  5. hee hee....
    Let his autograph in the concrete. Literally leaving his mark on the world.

  6. mrsnesbitt...
    Turnip chip = tasty

    you would have thought it was Hamish instead of Watson.

    Empress Bee...
    Yes he was a very good helper.
    Awwwwwww too bad about the turnip/potato mix-up.

    I love the wee doggie in the photo. I love the fact you can say wee doggie and it sounds perfect.

  7. Louis...
    He is a very helpful little Scottie !

  8. Does the brick go on top of the concrete? Otherwise you could have kept his footsteps for posterity.

  9. Too bad your dogs aren't movie stars. You could take them to that one Chinese theater, you know, the one famous for the footprints (assuming they still do that.)

  10. You do such beautiful photos!

  11. Pat...
    I emailed you....

    ummmm what do you mean ? Are you trying to tell me that The Square Ones aren't Movie Stars ?

    Why Thank You ! :)

  12. Watson!

    I hope he got a finger wagging for that!