Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday In Japan....

My Wednesday post about my life in Japan...
Except today it is Japan by way of Tucson, Arizona.
A wonderful surprise gift from Japanese family. Stamps with The Square Ones. Now I stamp The Boys on everything that I can, even bills !
They were ordered/made in Japan but I think you could you could order these on line like my son did. Watson's came out better because of the side view, Hamish's photo is looking down at him so it is a bit complicated.
Fabulous !

Lunch at SushiMatsu.
Dragon Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll.
One of Tucson's great interesting restaurants. Yoshimatsu and SushiMatusu are under one roof. The Cancer survivor owner chef offers original healthy recipes that use several kinds of mushrooms, vegetables and no MSG. They also have one of the best Vegetarian/Vegan menu.

Vegetarian lunch for Daughter.
Avocado Roll, Tamago (sweet egg nigiri) and Ginger Tofu Nigiri.
I didn't get a side photo of the Ginger Tofu which was arranged over the rice like a mountain with the best light spicy ginger sauce, almost to pretty to eat, almost !

Lunch ended with a parfait .
No one makes Ice cream parfaits like the Japanese. Layers of ice cream, cake, fruit, whipped cream, cookies and even cornflakes. Using cornflakes in parfait is very common in Japan, and I must say really fun and taste wonderful.

eating. . . parsnip
music. . . Great Balls Of Fire, Chris Isaak
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  1. Hello Gayle:
    The 'stamps' are absolutely wonderful. What a very imaginative, personal gift and one which, as you suggest, could be taken up by others and adapted to particular requirements. Lovely, and we think it such fun that Hamish and Watson can appear on things as mundane as bills.

    As for the parfait - perfect.

  2. P.S. Thank you so much for the very kind comment which you left on our previous post and to which we have now made a general reply.

  3. Watson and Hamish stamps -- cutest idea ever!

    The food looks beautiful, delicious and fun. :)

  4. oh the stamps are wonderful!!!!!

    smiles, bee

  5. Love the parfait. MTL makes banana jelly which sound quite harmless but he puts everything in it and you end up putting on 2 or 3 pounds/
    Love the stamps.

  6. People who get mail from you are going to start wondering who Watson and Hamish are...