Monday, October 31, 2011

parley view parsnip...

My Monday post about what is going on around my home.

Watson and Hamish just back from the groomers.

Hamish and the Cataracts brought on by his Diabetes.
The Cataracts that have covered the lens in both eyes. Making it seem he is looking out through frosted glass. He can't see anything in front of him. He has some fuzzy peripheral vision because he can walk around but runs pass objects and can't see anything if you hold it in directly in front of him.
His operation is in three days.

awwwwww such a boo boo baby boy.

He has been on three medications but today he start a whole new group of 5. I had to make a chart so I could remember. I have also programed my phone alarm.

On another note
Fondue !

A few blogs I read have been talking about how they use leftovers, soup is always a good choice. My son has been talking about Fondue a lot lately and the blogger "Counterintuitivity" even had a post about Fondue.
So it see deemed by the Food Gods that for our Friday dinner we should have our leftovers served with small fondue pots. I wish we had some apples but they were all gone so I served a salad too.

Last but not lest
Happy Halloween Birthday to Carol of the Blog "Dry Bones"
hope your day is filled with scary fun !

busy. . . parsnip
music. . . Trouble, Coldplay
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  1. Hello:
    We do so hope that all will be well for Hamish with the cataract surgery. It does sound as if daily life is rather tricky for him at present so our thoughts are with you at this somewhat stressful time.

    What a brilliant idea for the leftovers!

  2. All good wishes over those cataracts - poor darling - do hope he is alright. Like the leftovers idea.

  3. Poor Hamish.

    The fondue looks delicious!

  4. The boys look very smart. Hamish's charts look similar to those of MTl's.
    Here's hoping all goes very well with his op.
    There was a question on Eggheads the other night about how the Japanese usually presented food with three options. Though of you and got it right.

  5. That first picture, the boys look very dignified.

  6. awww, bless his little square heart...

    hugs, bee

  7. Jane and Lance...
    He is losing more eyesight everyday. It is a race to the operation.

    I do hope he is OK too. It is really sad to see him floundering around here. Not sure of where he is going.

    The fondue was indeed very nice but I don't eat much cheese so I was full very fast and only ate half of my fondue.

    It is so hard for me to remember, it is important he get all the pre-surgery meds or the operation can be messed up.
    So glad I could help, not sure what that question was but so happy you were right.

    They look so nice for about 10 minutes then all bets are off.

    Empress Bee...
    It is so hard on me to see him going blind so fast. He is stumbling and misses some steps. He walks along the walls a lot. But other times he still knows were he is and gets around.
    The operation can't come fast enough.

  8. How nice of you to wish me a happy birthday. I had a good day. Drove 12 hours from a good friend's house back to home. Lots of good thinking time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and got home in time to pass out treats to all the kiddos in the neighborhood.

  9. Fondue!!! Always an excellent choice.