Monday, October 3, 2011

parley view parsnip

My Monday post about what is going on around my home.
castles in the air
memories of rain appear
thunder becomes wind

The first photo was on the west side of Tucson the second photo, taken at the same time,
was on the north side of Tucson

Three quick water color studies.
They are only about 4 by 5 inches and as usual I painted on what paper was on hand. I used card stock which is not a very good paper for watercolors. I didn't plan on taking any photos or painting yesterday, was supposed to be cleaning the studio but when nature says .... Look ! who am to say, ummmmmm not now !

looking. . . parsnip
music. . . Breathe, Alexi Murdoch
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  1. I LOVE "castles in the air" - oh I'll be thinking about that one all day. We drove home from Coronado yesterday and I spent hours staring out the window at the clouds. I saw dogs and dragons, children sledding and so many faces...

  2. jeanette...
    Since I don't move so much anymore I am lucky that I get to sit and look up to the sky.
    Last year for Christmas gifts, I had a hardbound book of my photos made. On the first page I wrote about castles in the air and why I love living in Arizona where the sky is so big and fills up your life. The book followed the seasons but I used no type. I thought it came out rather great.

  3. Lovely studies. Water colour is an ideal medium for skies, isn't it?

  4. Hello Gayle:
    With skies as dramatic as these we feel that it was a wise choice to select the paintbrush over the duster!!! Watercolour is such an exacting medium but it does lend itself beautifully to skies and those 'castles in the air'

  5. I really like those water colour sketches Gayle.

  6. Oh, castles in the air indeed! And love the sketches.

    Ah yes, who am I to say 'Not now'. That's the story of life, alright.

  7. Gorgeous photographs, Parsnip! And the watercolours are well done!

  8. A lovely way to break up household chores and productive too.

  9. In addition to being a good photographer and artist, it sounds like you have a bit of the poet in you. I'm referring to captions below the first photo.

  10. Jenny...
    Thank you, I really have been on a watercolor kick lately. Which is funny because I don't think I am that good at it. It is a super hard medium and I tend to overwork them. You really need to paint more then I do. It is all I can do to not go back in with color pencil and defined them more.

    Jane and Lance...
    Yes, a paint brush is much better than a duster. I so agree watercolor is perfect medium for clouds.

    Thank You, I can't begin to tell you how much joy I have had putting paint on paper.

    Empress Bee...
    So much fun, so much fun...

    Yes, not now is not something we shouldn't say when seeing the fabulous show I get to see outside my window.
    The sketches where so fun to do !

    Thanks so much. I do know how to explain how much I love the feeling of brush, paint and paper. That is one reason why I am not a computer artist. Not the same.

    Yes, it was fun and I would not be doing it if my son had not left the watercolors out.

    My poetry goes only as far as haiku.
    I really enjoy writing them and have posted them off and on over the years.
    In fact I am making a few handmade books of photos and haiku for some friends as gifts that I own them.

  11. Hi Parsnip, Yes, cleaning can usually wait. I'm glad you decided to take pictures and paint instead. Lovely watercolor clouds and castles in the air haiku.

  12. Diane...
    I really enjoy writing haiku and they seem to go with the clouds perfectly.

  13. I agree with my friend William. You are quite talented, Parsnip!

  14. Incredible skies! I love that you can paint. You capture the mood of the sky so effectively! Whenever I have tried to paint, my offerings look stilted and quite unreal. Great gift :)