Friday, October 28, 2011

Random Friday...

End of the week, lets wrap this puppy up...
Fish Moilly
Mondays dinner made by talented son. A Fish Stew from the Kerala region of India.
Very simple and super easy dish. Made with firm white fish, red onion (he used shallots) finely sliced fresh green chillies, ginger root, coconut milk and lime juice.
So easy, so simple and so good.

Halloween scary...
View from my kitchen window looking North towards the Catalina mountains
Beautiful summer green grass was cut and thatched, winter grass seed spread with a covering of mulch.
The Square Ones were perplexed.

Your weekend moment of Cloud Zen from Wednesday the 26.
Looking North-East from my studio window.


I just learned today an outstanding weather fact....
You can tell the temperature outside by listening to a Cricket !
Count the number of times a Cricket chirps in 15 seconds. Then add 37
How fabulous cool is this !

scary. . . parsnip
music. . . Breathe, Telepopmusic
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  1. Coconuts and fish? Beautiful photo of the mountain. Lovely!

  2. The Desert Rocks...
    I find so many people don't like coconut and don't use it because it is sweet ? but in Asian cooking it is not always sweet.
    The coconut add some body to the extremely light sauce and mellows out the chilies so it comes out really nice.

    I bought this home for the view ! lurve it.

  3. You're kidding about the cricket. Right? For real???

    You have a beautiful view from your kitchen window :)

  4. Just agog at the mountains! You live in vast.

    Still want to come to dinner.

  5. H...
    Nope.... the cricket story is right, if you want to believe the weatherman. So I guess it will depend on what you think of any weather reporter.
    The local early news weatherman has an " ask a question" and today a little girl asked this one.
    Where I live we have crickets and lots of warm weather... but where you live when the cricket dies does that mean it is freezing ?

    I love the view, that is why I bought this house.

    I rather like all the big sky.... lots of space, I can breathe.
    Dinner is served !

  6. Wow, sounds like a wonderful curry. I love ginger and coconut with fish.

  7. Thank you for sharing the cricket algorithm.

  8. Stunning! Fish sounds lush! Trouble with reading blogs is when food is mentioned I always want some! lol!

  9. Your photos make me want to leave my beloved Miami beaches and move to the desert.

  10. With that view from your studio, how do you ever get any work done? It's spectacular--I'd be staring at it all the time!

  11. I agree with both Norma and Laoch. I love the view from your window and I love the cricket tidbit. Good stuff.