Friday, September 30, 2011

Fabulous Friday...

Halloween toys from "La Tarjey"
Watson... Lovely colors nice tall person, can we please play now ?
Hamish... toy, toy, toy toytoytoytoytoytoytoytoytoytoytoytoytoy !

Hamish... pinkpinkpinkyertpinkpinkpinkpinkpinkpinkyert !

Hamish.. greengreengreengreengreenyertgreentoy squeak !
Watson... the nice pink toy is quite exciting and it squeaks !

Hamish... must find and destroy green squeak have already destroyed pink !
Watson... the pink toy is very colorful.

Watson... nice tall person you know how much I like to play tug.
What a delightful and stylish Halloween toy, Thank You for finding these for us.

Watson... nice tall person playing tug... I am so enjoying this activity.

Watson... tug, tug, tug and with a charming squeak and lovely top notes of rubber ball.

Watson... Oh My Goodness, The exciting green tug toy has somehow escaped.
Hamish... yert !

Hamish... attackgrengreengrensqueakyertgreensqueakyert ack !

Hamish... ummmmgurrrrrgreengreengreen destroy yert !
Watson... The very cute pink toy can be fun too.

Hamish...minemineminemnemineminedestroy squeaky !

Watson... I am rather enjoying the lovely pink toy the squeak has a very pleasing chew factor.
Hamish... greengreenyertgreenmummmmmsqeak eurff yert squeak !

Hamish... destroy now ! wahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

note from the tall person, the pink squeak sound lasted 5.2 nanoseconds. That is why Hamish switched over to the green toy. That squeak lasted about 10.6 nano seconds longer... Squeak !
These very cute dog toys were found at Target. They were sewn together but I snipped them apart. Loved the cute faces on the bouncy ball part but all Hamish wanted to do was kill it and eat it ! He doesn't care about aesthetes he just wants a strong squeak factor. This was the last one I found, must find more.
The Boys give this toy a 9 Good squeak, exciting off balanced bounce with a great rubber ball sniff factor.
playing... parsnip
music... Rawhide, The Blues Brothers

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  1. Hello Gayle:
    If Hamish and Watson were ours then, with or without new and exciting toys, we think that we should spend a great deal of time, wasting it most likely, playing with them. They are absolutely adorable!

    Kellemes hétvégét!

  2. Yes parsnip I find all terriers make short work of whatever toy they are given. They measure the pleasure by the chew factor.

  3. adorable square boys!!! boys with toys!

    smiles, bee

  4. They're so cute! Thanks for all the adorable photos of them!

  5. Such funny pictures! I can almost hear the huffing and puffing and yelping!

  6. Laughlaughlaughlaughlaughowowowowowowmystomachishurtingnow

  7. Lads, you look grand today!

    There was an article in the paper in these parts the other day about dog chew toys and the type that lasts longest.

  8. This post really made me laugh. Silly doggies.

  9. My gosh they're cute. I love the captions. made me laugh for sure. My dogs usually chew those kinds of toys to bits very quickly but there's one little stuffed pug that they both seem to have adopted as their "baby"--who knows what goes on in doggie minds.

  10. Jane and Lance...
    They are so very cute, and fun to play with. This group of photos really shows the different personalities of The Square Ones.
    Hope your haveing a lovely weekend.

    Destroy is the word of choice around here. Watson will hold the toy down and just chew were the squeaky is till he gets it out. I let them pull all the stuffing out, they both love that and then I sweep it all up.

    Empress Bee...
    Yes they are very sweet, foibles and all. Best friends in the world.

    This series of photos went by fast. I need to check my camera to see if I have the attachment that lets you click photos really fast. Woof !

    Jenny Woolf...
    Not too much noise besides the flapping of ears and constant squeaking as they shook/chewed the toy...

    Sorrytummyhurtsyertwoof... I laughed when I wrote this post I have to say that this is just about what goes on with new toys. If there is only one toy they run around playing keep-a-way, then if they play tug, the toy lasts about 35 nano seconds.

    Awwwwww, they say woof back....
    I bought a indestructible toy once.... but get two Scotties playing tug, toy lasted about 2 minutes. Jaw power !

    awwwwww nice to hear from you. They are very silly but endearing.

    How sweet your dogs have adopted a toy... The
    Boys have a few toys they like (?) and have not destroyed but after they break the squeak interest drops !

  11. Last time I commented on your dogs, I think I said something like, I want to reach into the computer screen and pet them. This time I want to reach into the computer screen and play tug-of-war with them and their little toys.

  12. I've tried to comment repeatedly on this post and Blogger has been difficult. What I intended to say is that you're rubbing away at my resistance to owning and being kept by a Scottie again. I don't intend to do that, no - no, no, no . . but you tempt me. Thanks, 'snip. When we owned Mac and Dusty, our black male and wheaten female, we used to stop traffic - literally - when we took them out for a walk. "Hey, aren't those . . ?" "Yes, they are!" May they rest in the same peace they gave us while they lived.

    WV=bothies. Indeed!

  13. Kirk...
    awwwwwwwwwww The Boys would love that.
    I don't play that much with them anymore it is too hard for me. Outside is the best so I can throw the ball. Watson likes tug best, but Hamish has to jump in and then it is a battle, way to hard for me to play.
    You would be so appreciated !

    blogger has been a pill lately... I e-mailed you...

  14. That sounds like an excellent buy for the boys. Now how are you going to follow that Mum?

  15. Pat...
    I am sorry to say or maybe happy to say they will forget the toys today as soon as a new squeak toy appears.
    I am loved if I hold a squeaky toy.

    They were super happy ! squeaks abound !