Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday In Japan.....

My Wednesday post about my life in Japan

Family is back in Japan, I'm happy they all made it home safe but......
Tucson home is very quiet and Watson is missing Mia, his cohort in adventures.

If you haven't figured out by now reading my blog, I love spices.
Besides my new love I wrote about last Friday Yuzu-kosho, I adore this small bottle (5 inches) of fabulous heaven, Yuzu-Koshou sauce.
It is like the Green Tabasco sauce we have in America (notice the similar label) but mixed with Yuzu citrus and vinegar. It is so good that I could drink it straight from the bottle.
It only is made once a year in Japan and when it appears in the shops it is sold out in an hour.
Japanese son was able to buy several bottles for family and friends and I was sent one.
Thank You sleepytako !

lucky. . . parsnip
music. . . The Letter, The Box Tops

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  1. Sounds great, I love that kind of thing too. I'm told that Yuzu is like a grapefruit, is that correct? if so I'm not allowed to eat it :(
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  2. Hello:
    We are only familiar with the red Tabasco sauce so can only imaginewhat the taste must be like of Yuzu Koshu. How fascinating that it only makes an appearance once a year....something to always be keenly anticipating!

  3. Why is it only made once a year? Sounds like something my husband would love - he likes the spicy and I'm more prone to the sweet (as my hips do reveal).

  4. Such different food from ours, Parsnip - and so interesting.

  5. Straight from the bottle?

    I can't even read the word "tabasco" without having an attack of acid reflux!

  6. You make it sound so good. However, I think I am in Norma's camp. I can't do hot spice much at all anymore.

  7. I like spices, too! And now: " . . give me a ticket for an airplane. Ain't got time for a fast train. Lonely days are gone, I'll be goin' home. My baby just wrote me a letter."

  8. Jenny Woof...
    I am not sure I can explain it, smaller than a tangerine/clementine sour and a citrus mix of lemon/grapefruit ? The peel is fabulous to cook with. Never found in America fresh.

    Jane and Lance...
    Love the red Tabasco sauce but I use the milder green Jalapeno Tabasco sauce.
    Which this Yuzu-Koshou is baseed on.

    I think ???? it is a supply and demand. They only have/grow so many and they are all spoken for ?
    Must ask my son.

    Isn't food so different and yet so exciting to try.

    Yes, it is that good but let me say that it is not that "HOT" more like the mild green Jalapeno sauce that the Tabasco company makes. I don't like spicy hot things that rip your lips and taste bubs apart, then destroy your stomach lining.

    I think you would/might like this one. What I call spicy but not lip destroying hot.

    Yummmmmmmmmmm, spices !
    Your only the third person who has every mentioned my song choices. Sometimes I just put up whatever I am listing to at the moment, sometimes I try to match a feeling to the post, most of all it is just something I do for me to share.
    Don't you just love the Box Tops ? a favorite !

  9. Loach...
    I will ask son to send 2 bottles if possible next year. You never know.

  10. How's that sauce on a hamburger? Or is it better on steak?

  11. Kirk...
    I add it to everything but a steak. It is great on eggs, french fries, when I make Pad Thai, Pho, Bee Bin Bop or any number of stir fry dishes.
    I like my steaks just cooked enough so they don't walk off the table and only seasoned with salt and pepper. I am not a Western for nothing.

  12. I like some spices, but I'm picky about the ones which are hot. I love sweet chilli sauce. That's scrumptious!

  13. I really must get beyond virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar but MTL is a bit of a pleb - devoted to HP sauce and Ketchup!