Friday, August 5, 2011

fabulous friday or my life in the desert

I have always wanted an outdoor shower.

Off my bedroom on the west side of my home I have a small walled in
space that was a no-mans land of bight sun. heat, and the utilities
Did I mention the heat and bright sun ?

When I bought this home the pool didn't have an attached jacuzzi/hot
tub (way to expensive to put one in) so I had a freestanding one put
in the west side yard near the pool and my bedroom in the small no-
mans land of heat and sun.
Did I mention the bright sun, headache inducing heat and utility boxes ?

The hot tub is very useful and much need for those day I can't get the
various body part moving in the correct way. But the west yard is not
a very pleasant place to be when it is filled with sun, heat, and
utilities boxes. Harsh is a good word for this space.
I mentioned the burning heat and blinding bright sun and ugly
utilities boxes right ?

A ramada was built and covered with shade cloth (temperature dropped
15 degrees ) and a space was found for an outdoor shower. A beautiful
shower tiled in small green tinted glass subway tiles and the hanging
rain shower fixture.
Even though the slat wooden floor is not finished, no pots of plants
and lighting installed yet. . . I took my first outdoor shower this
morning and it was lovely. The view is beautiful, the early morning
temperature of 82 with a slight breeze was wonderful.
The unused, harsh, blinding bright sun light and ugly utility boxes
have disappeared replace by a cool shaded and very useful side-yard.

And I finally have an outdoor shower.

raining. . . parsnip
Music. . . Walk On The Ocean, Toad The Wet Sprocket


  1. It must be a glorious place to be on those scorching hot days. I expect those two little square block dogs might like it too.

  2. Hello:
    Oh, how wonderful this looks. We are certain that we should not notice a great many things [utility boxes included] if we had such a marvellous outdoor shower. Just closing the eyes and one can be transported to another world.......perfect!!

  3. it's lovely! and very refreshing looking!

    smiles, bee

  4. I have no adjectives for how awesome this is. We had one at our last house and I loved it. Me bedroom is now facing the street, not sure I'd feel as comfortable here. Thrilled for you, just awesome!

  5. Nice outdoor shower. They are such a pleasurable experience. Nice way to cool down too.
    xoxo Kim

  6. What vision you have Parsnip. Just pop over when you have time, case the joint and suggest a life enhancing addition to our little pile.

  7. Love it, I really do! I have always dreamed of living in a climate where an outdoor shower is possible, here the gods provide all the running water a person could possibly want.

  8. Good Saturday morning to you Parsnip!

    An outdoor shower. A fabulous, spacious outdoor shower in a warm location~! Oh wow - you are MY HERO:)

    Can I come visit? That is TOO awesome!

    And thank you for visiting my blog last week, btw. I know you came via Bee. Now that I found your blog, I'll add it to my links:)

    Hope you have a great weekend, Parsnip!

  9. What a fantastic idea - will it help against the sun & headaches? lol!

  10. Weaver...
    It has become a really lovely spot after four years of barren nothingness...
    The Boys don't like the water. I have found with Scotties they either love the water or they really hate it no in between. Mine don't like the water. You should see what they go through when they have to go outside when it rains, I swear they run around the raindrops !

    Jane and Lance...
    Right were the shower is on of my favorite grouping of Paloverde trees. I am so pleased to be able to go out there more and be able to enjoy the view.

    Empress Bee...
    Love writing you name !
    I am so pleased that it is coming out so nice.

    It is turning out so nice I can't belivie that I put if off for so long. Other things came first.

    It is such a nice experience.

    I would love to come to your home but from your photos your lush English garden seens a drean to em.

    Yes, your have mass quantities of water and I have the sun !

  11. cinderella...
    Gosh I love being someones hero... it is a fun dream to have an outdoor shower. I love it and so does the Tarantula that I have to keep shoeing out.
    I have named him George, he eat scorpions so like him but not in my shower.

    I am so pleased on how it came out.... so nice to use and I can for most of the year.

  12. lovely! great use of space and adapting to the elements for a great addition to your home! xoxoxox

  13. You are amazing. Very cool. (I mean warm but at least 15 degrees cooler.)