Friday, August 26, 2011

Fabulous Friday....

Some of the fabulous food gifts Japanese family brought. They know the way to my heart besides bringing themselves and the lovely Mia.
But Oh My Goodness the food.
Udon, ramen, flavored crackers/chips, sauces, cookies all my favorites and some new ones that are pictured here !
The three small bottles on the left are special handmade salad dressings, bowl filled with crackers, the fantastic green topped bottle filled with a ponzu sauce made from a special sudachi lime, and yellow and green yuzu and the gorgeous green bottle is a Sudachi dressing.
But my new addiction/craving is the very small rather plain orange labeled jar in front.

Yuzu-kosho !
It is made from Yuzu citrus peel, Tokarashi a Japanese spicy pepper and salt. It is all mush together into a green paste.
You use it like a condiment a little goes a long way much like wasabi
Use it in udon, sauces next to veggies and potatoes, mix with ponzu sauce for a dipping sauce, perfect on chicken and fish.... I am in love. Step aside wasabi I still love you but. . . there is a new spice in town.

DIL is better and enjoying the last three days of their vacation.
Hamish's operation was a success and is now home.
New roof repairs held during last night rain.

To all my special blogging friends on the East Coast, stay safe and keep well I am thinking of you all.
I have lived through a raging wildfire and never had the warning you all have. We drove out from my home with the fire raining down on us. Escaping with our lives and nothing else. So please be safe and take care.

eating. . . parsnip
music. . . Daydream, Tatsu Yamahita

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  1. I LOVE when people bring me food :)
    A few of my friends and I have agreements that we only exchange consumable gifts because none of us wants more "stuff". This use to include candles and the like but now we often just make each other food. Last year I received homemade pesto, vanilla sugar, olive oils and chex mix. Seriously my favorite presents :)

  2. oboy gifts of food! tits!

    smiles, bee

  3. Mountains of food, huh?

    It's good that your daughter in law is on the mend, and the same for Hamish!

  4. Yummy. I think your descriptions of the food are artful and enticing. Makes me want to try some. "There's a new spice in town." I like it.

  5. They look exquisite! I'd love to try them - I have a Japanese sister-in-law but we've never visited them and when my husband's brother comes back for visits, it's on his own and minus food.
    Going to have to rectify that...

    Glad all the patients are mending, as is the roof.

  6. Hello:
    What an intriguing selection of Japanese goodies, about which we would have not the faintest idea. Your cooking certainly sounds to be very adventurous and we are sure tastes delicious.

    We are so pleased to read that you have had a calmer week and that DIL and Hamish are now well.

  7. Japanese food always looks so incredibly - almost clinically - clean. But it tastes fantastic.

  8. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Am hungry now - can't wait to cook in my new kitchen!

  9. Oh, wow, I wonder if I could order some of this online...?

    Just been catching up with some of your past posts: how wonderful to have little Mia (and her parents!) with you, and Mollybot in Tucson. Glad to read in this post that DIL and Hamish are on the mend. Blimey, you've had an adeventurous few days! Hope the guest bath is back up and running. Oh, and those bento boxes: sigh...

  10. All seems well, and that is GOOD. I am so happy for you. Look at you, cooking on Picasa! You don't need my help ~ you seem to have GOT it! Good on you, Parsnip. I enjoy you so. I'm pleased you emailed me for a little side talk. <3 LM

  11. jeanette...
    so true, I am trying to clean out stuff have already am a huge less is more person. my friends love food gifts and of course cake also tops that list !

    Empress Bee...
    I know from your blog how much you love food gifts.... don't I remember that "who's cookie is best" blog you ran ? sneaky and yummy !

    That was only about 1/4 of the treats they brought.
    I feel so bad for my DIL she only had 4 days of vacation... and Hamish is way to energetic to have his little pink tummy ripped open ! I was hoping for a much quieter dog on the mend instead of a bouncy one.

    I would love to have you over for a dinner.... we are an very adventurous food family, lots of spices.

    What ! I can't believe your BIL comes home not bearing gifts ! When I go to Japan, one suitcase is filled with gifts for all my family and friends. They always shower us with gifts and dinners, one always presents a small gift in return.
    Last trip my DIL's sisters husbands mother who I had not met, sent me some beautiful stationary knowing how much I love paper goods....
    You must send a list to BIL of yummy treats in fabulous packaging to bring back.

    Jane and Lance...
    Yes, a much quieter week and I so wish I could cook a dinner for you !
    My son makes fabulous Indian dishes, that is his favorite.

    Food should be a feast for the eye too. They are really masters at just putting one lovely slice of fish on a beautiful white dish.
    I must admit you lunch that you made from you garden the other day was so beautiful looking to me.

    I can't wait to see your new kitchen when done and your first dinner made in it !

    I think you should be able too, I have seen some online stores but I think I will look into it and pass any interesting ones along. Knowing you love of spicy from some of your blog posts, I think you would inhale the Yuzu-kosho
    Molly made me a Totoro lunch once. It was so darling I almost couldn't eat it. But I forced myself hahahahahahah

    My Japanese son is always such a huge help. He even logs on from Japan to help me with any problem. The fact I have 3 kids to help me makes me sound so knowledgeable but it is far from the truth.

  12. Glad that the roof repairs held, Parsnip!

    I love udon - great gift to get. Oh and that salad dressing. And, oh my, yummm!

    Happy Sunday to you:)

  13. cnderella...
    Gosh I am so happy family, food laughter all is well with the world for a day !

    cheers. parsnip

  14. Well, we have survived and can only imagine how terrifying a wild fire must be.

    You Japanese food sounds/looks most fascinating!
    Glad all your family , human and otherwise, are doing a bit better!

  15. LOOK at you with your little Picasa icon ~ I'm so PROUD of you . . really. Gotta adore Mia, Hamish, DIL and YOU, Parsnip. I so thank you for inviting us into your beautiful, flavorful, new-discovering life. I enjoy you so!

  16. Listening to anyone speak of cooking sounds like a foreign language to me. I'm a disaster in the kitchen, except for my trusty crock pot.

  17. Seems to me every larder would be enhanced by those goodies.
    So glad the invalids are on the mend.
    Your experience in the fire must have been horrendous. Impossible to imagine.