Monday, August 29, 2011

parley view parsnip

My Monday post about what is going on around my home.
The Tucson Botanical Gardens
Saturday we visited this most beautiful garden in what was the home and gardens of Mrs. Bernice Porter.
Although the day was really to hot to walk around in the heat, we were so excited to walk around the grounds and view the wonderful use of shade tree, native plants, inventive use of water conservation and how to use plants and trees to cool your home before air conditioners.
Fountain and wonderful sign for the herb garden
The cactus garden ramada
Beautiful Golden Barrel cactus
Sign at entry way to the cactus garden
One of the many benches in the much need shade
Another fabulous bench
Mosaic wall

Still learning how to use picasa.... Yikes !

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  1. Love the pictures. My favorite thing is go to the botanical gardens in every place I visit. Such beauty.

  2. What a beautiful place that speaks to my desert-girl heart! Thank you for sharing that little tour! We are also roasting in our own juices, each day posting an Excessive Heat Warning. I agree. It is excessive. Don't fail, please, to call upon me if you want to discuss the mysteries of Picasa. I've come to LOVE it.

  3. Carol...
    This was a ranch home many many years ago but now it has all kinds of homes and business built up around it. It is an oasis on a busy street and stunningly beautiful even with all the summer heat. During the hot summer months they have certain days set aside that you can bring your dog for an early morning walk... How fun is that !

    I only showed the desert parts but it is quite lush and green too.
    I am still trying to figure out my down loading of photos and playing with the format.... we shall see. I like posting more than one photo.
    The dog days of summer.

  4. opps....
    "The dog days of summer" was suppose to be on Carol's
    So weird I didn't know how that happened !

  5. It's all so bright and full of sunshine; very different to the grey day outside my window :(

    I love those mosaic benches. What a wonderful place to visit :)

  6. I am a sucker for cactuses growing outside and this looks like a perfect garden for hot and sunny weather.

  7. Beautiful spot. We visited there a couple of years ago and I was enchanted by the mosaics (among other things). Keep cool if you can.

  8. You are doing fine with Picasa.
    What a lovely oasis.

  9. That's a beautiful spot, and really creative with the colour.

  10. Wasn't Picasa an artist?...Just kidding.

    The Tuscan Botanical Gardens looks like an interesting place to visit. Interesting what you wrote about plants and trees used to cool an area before the advent of air conditioning. I remember reading once that the kind of adobe buildings that Southwestern Native Americans used to live in were built in a certain way so as to stay cool in the summer.

    Those benches are almost too nice-looking to sit on.

  11. H...
    Our monsoon weather has been off this year, we had no spring, and it is still way to hot for this time of the year it was 110 at my daughters home in the city... were I live a bit cooler... but not by much.

    I love cactus and this garden has some beautiful ones. checked out your blog, very interesting I must visit again when have so time to really look at it.

    Well it works both ways... I have quite a bit of food and shop envy your way.

    Empress Bee...
    I was so lovely but to hot for me. I can't wait to visit again when it is cooler.

    I so agree, the mosaics were wonderful !

    Still working on the format.... and it was a Oasis !

    The color was fabulous and the much needed shade was lovely.

    Wahahhahahaha I think he was a chef ! ??? no ?
    Yes, the adobe building are cooler as the deep windows and entry ways give much need shade n the summer and keep out the cold in the winter.
    The benches were spectacular. I could have posted twenty easily.