Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday In Japan and Summer Reading...

My Wednesday post about my life in Japan. . .
Today some of the blogs I follow are posting today about summer
reading list, you are to list 2 old favorites, 2 fiction and 2 non-

This neatly fits in with my Japanese post today about a book,
Tsuburogu, I found on a recent trip.
This book is about the life of several animals who live with the
The main characters in this book (there are several in the series) are
Tsubu the cat, Koto a Terrier, Ume the Bunny and Zen the Scottie.

I'm flatly denying that Scottie on the cover was the only reason I
picked up this book ! and I'm sticking to that story no matter what
and you can't make me change my story !

Here are my summer book suggestions. . .


The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan
The story focuses on four Chinese American Immigrant families. The
book is structures much like the game of mahjong with the women
sharing stories about their lives.

The Fallen Man by Tony Hillerman
Hillerman set his mysteries in the Southwest Navajo Nation and
surrounding area. How the main characters deal with crime, and melding
traditional and modern thinking.

Non Fiction:

Like Hidden Fire by Peter Hopkirk
If you want to get a better historical understanding on what is going
on in the Middle East and Central Asia. This book reads like a spy novel but shows how the conflicts in this area are a never
ending circle of disasters and that the players stay the same only the
date changes.

izakaya by Mark Robinson
This book is a history of the izakaya the Japanese Pub. How it evolved
and became a vital and unique place in Japanese life. Also includes
fabulous recipes.

Old Favorites:

Still Life With Chickens by Catherine Goldhammer
How can you not like a book when the paragraph that opens the book has
a sentence with " my diminished resources dictated a move to a run
down cottage in a honky-tonk town where live bait is sold from vending
The book is about a divorce, a move, and how chickens play a huge and
wonderful part in the new start. I have written before how much this
book made me laugh durning the hell of a divorce my x put our family

Under The Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes
What a wonderful read about remolding a home and all the "interesting"
adventures that come with it. So much of my married life revolved
around remodeling homes that we never got to live in but sold and move
on to the next one. Plus she also included some wonderful recipes.

Goodness I see a trend in the books I like. . . . . FOOD !

reading. . . parsnip
music. . . Shoot The Moon, Norah Jones


  1. Loved Joy Luck Club ( Amy Tan is a friend!)
    Tuscan Sun made me long to move back to Italy!
    Your Japanese suggestions made me want to read them......
    and anything about FOOD yum yum count me in.
    Still Life with Chickens sounds just up my street.
    Buster sends his best.

  2. That is a great opening sentance (Still Life With Chickens). I'll have to check it out.

  3. Hi,
    I just read your book list. I like Frances Mayes' books too.

    I will check out Like Hidden Fire because I never can understand the Middle East and perhaps it will help.
    Where is the Sonoran Desert by the way?

  4. Elizabeth...
    How great that you call Amy a friend. Her books just drew me in.
    I also wanted to chuck it all and move to Italy with her.
    I just reread Chickens, a tiny book, but I loved her talking about the daughters chickens which become hers and the moment of zen.
    Woof back to Buster !

    What can I say I am a sucker for vending machines.

    Thanks for coming by.
    Like Hidden Fire is Anglo slanted but if you just read or understand that circle of disasters have been going on since forever and the continuing circle of violence is a black hole that will continue to suck everyone in. It just goes on and on and on.
    The Sonoran Desert is in Southern Arizona, small part of California and borders with Mexico and the Gulf of California. In Arizona it is one of the most beautiful desert and contrary to popular belief is very green.

  5. I've had to replace The Joy Luck Club repeatedly. I simply wear it out and then re-read it every 6 months or so. I also love her book The Opposite of Fate. Norah Jones is also a firm favorite ~ myabe I just need to brew some good coffee and pop by for a chat.

  6. Always useful to have a book list. I'm desperately sad that I have only a few pages left of 'Room' by Emma Donoghue. Most of the books I read now are recommended by fellow bloggers which is why I read 'Still life with Chickens' and enjoyed it.

  7. I have only read two from your list -joy luck and Tuscan sun but the still life with chickens sounds really good :)

  8. Again, you post stuff that I later use in life. This is good. I was wondering what I would settle down and read after next week when the middle son's wedding is over and I can relax. Good stuff.