Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Christmas Card...

My Christmas Card..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

This is the second card in the Arizona Christmas series.

Last year was a Cardinal in a Palo Verde Tree,
This year it is Two Mourning Doves In A Mesquite Tree.
I am taking Arizona liberties with the Twelve Days of Christmas. . .

Lots of blogger have been writing why they don't send out Christmas

wahahahahahahahahahahahah. ( insert evil maniacal laugh )

Except for bills... I decorate envelopes, make postcards and enjoy
sending out greetings.
But that is just me and I know not for everyone.

e-mail is great don't get me wrong I love "talking" to my family in
Japan really fast, instant fast.
But, oh my goodness, a card you can hold in your hand and reread,
it is like a real book and not a "kindle"
It is the fact someone thought enough to send you a card.
Many of my friends ( in my age group = very old and very creaky)
don't need or want a gift, our cards are our gifts
with a note for a visit, lunch or dinner at a later date.

I know someone who can't even be bothered to set up a tree or even buy
a plant ? ? ? too much bother ?

I am not saying that if you have to send out cards and to do so will
make you crazy by all means don't do it.
Enjoy the time with the ones you love and cut out the commercialism of
mass gift buying.

But our go fast instant gratification society is really taking over
and for me wrong in so many ways.
Hey I'm old I get it !
Like getting a mass e-mail is kinda weird to me... especially when
you get one from your x who just told you
how %$^#&%$^@!!*&^^$ you are then lumps you in with 500 other super
very close friends that must
read this most import message he just had to send out ?
I laughed so hard over that one... OMG I need to write a book.

So for all my super wonderful blogging friends, who will never know
how much I really enjoy all your blogs,
I wish you
Merry Merry Christmas
New Year Filled with

cheers, parsnip
music. . . II Est Ne Le Divin Enfant, Anne Lennox


  1. Hope you have a very merry one :)

  2. I have to confess to being a lapsed card sender, mostly because I get out to the shops so infrequently, and when I do I can't find any cards I like. I tried buying them online but it was a disaster. I really ought to try and make my own, and I have been known to do that, but I'm no artist, sadly. I do love, love, love the cards you have made and sent, and one day I will get with the glue and send you one back!

    I hate those mass emails, they take emailing to a new level of impersonality.

    Your second day of Christmas card is gorgeous, it makes me want to take drawing lessons.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a new year so satisfying you get achey cheeks from smiling so much, XXX

  3. Kim...
    As I said on your blog I loved your card, Beautiful.

    I hope I didn't come off harsh but I love cards, so good it worked out that way Me= Greeting Card Artist.
    I would have hated being an accountant as I can't count with out fingers and toes but am impressed by people who can count.

    You are an artist with words, something I can not do at all. To write a blog post it takes me forever trying to make sure it looks and sounds right ! No glue needed, your also a fabulous cook !

    I see the mass boredom of our instant gratification, we need it now and fast generation.
    Just like with books I love to hold them turn the pages look at the type... so for me no kindle or ipad.
    That doesn't mean it is not great for someone eles... just not for me.

    I love having someone wish me "a new year so satisfying you get achey cheeks from smiling so much"
    So lovely.

    Cheers, parsnip

  4. I haven't gotten to the card this year, which makes me kind of sad. Someone called and told me she was re-reading my letter from 2006 so I know that people really do enjoy cards and letters. I feel guilty about it like so many other things but maybe I can do a New Year's Resolution this year(to do better next year.) I do like cards and letters, instead of mass emails--you are so right about that.

    I love your card by the way. Much love and Merry Christmas.

  5. William...
    missed you, I hope you have a super wonderful Christmas. And a new Year filled with some great rock climbing. ( right?)

    Not everyone has to or in some cases needs to send cards.
    One year I sent New Year Day card like Japan does. This year I will send both.

    I think by the time the next generation grows up letter writing and unfortunately Thank You notes will be a thing of the past.
    I don't think you should feel guilty sometimes you do your best and have to say that's it. I have learned this as I am very limited by what I can do on any given day. So I try my best and some days not much gets done.

    Thanks, I love this years card too. Bad photo though.

  6. Love your drawing.

    I don't send cards, but I'm pretty good about saying, "thank-you-and-have-a-happy-new-year" to those who send me one.

  7. Happy Christmas, Parsnip. This is a terrific card. Thanks.

  8. I love the card - and I enjoy having my cards all around the house and re - read then all when it's time to take than down and then keep them till next year. Some I keep for ever.

  9. Such a super card! Beautifully done.
    MERRY MERRY, dear Parsnip
    do hope your Christmas is blessed and joyous

    much love from
    Elizabeth and family
    and big pats for the square little guys!

  10. Kass...
    Awwww Thank You so much. I think there are times when "mail" means so much. e-mail is good for the quick shout out...

    Thank You and I hope your weather has been grand and you and your family had a fabulous Christmas.

    I sent you a card weeks ago but with all the snow you are getting in the UK maybe you will get it at Easter ?

    I must tell you how much i enjoy your blogs and I am in love with Buster... don't tell my "The Boys"

    Much love to your Family too and a hug to Buster and Knutty ! The other Boys.

  11. The card is just beautiful. How great that you're only on the second day of Christmas. You have ten more Arizona cards to create.

  12. Joanna...
    Thank You, Many years ago I did the 12 days and with With young children it was really easy to know what day was coming for that years card !
    But now I want to redo them with the Arizona take on them...