Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To cute for "The Square Ones"

I know, I know, I spoil "The Square Ones" but they are my boys and I
"lurve" them....
and Christmas is coming. . . what is a mumzilla to do ?

I went to Target or as we like to call it "La TarJay" in your very
best French accent please !
It is the very best store in the world you can find just about anything
and I found these barely stuffed doggie toys.

The Raccoon and Bunny are sitting rather squishy on my lap top so you
can see they are really big.
The paws and tails squeak and these sounds drive The Boys crazy.

The problem with Scottie are the Jaws and the need to prove they are
indeed Great Hunters...
delusions of grander abound !
I give these two toys about 15 seconds !

They are so cute I think maybe I should keep them safe for awhile. I
don't think The Boys would mind do you ?
wahahahahahahahahahah woo hoo, ( tear running down cheek ! )

clueless. . . parsnip
music. . . Christmas Is Coming, Miss Piggy and Gonzo


  1. I don't think the boys would mind too much if you kept those cutie pies on your desk for a while. :D

  2. I particularly like the racoon bandit!
    And I've got pink winceyette pyjamas with little square black dogs on! Bought them last year, unfortunately, so I can't get you a pair.

  3. Oh they are so cute, lol.

    Hey parsnip dropping by to wish you happy and healthy holidays, and New Year 2011. It is always nice to see you coming over, and more it is always nice to come over your place (I know I don't do it enough, but you know how it is when you have little ones, lol). Thank you for another great year. Anna :)

  4. Molly...
    Yeah Right... I caught them standing up on their hind legs... very hard to do when your legs are only 3 inches off the ground, trying to see the animals on the counter where I put them.... the doggy radar always goes off when I have treats in the bag. Bad Bad Scotties !

    Me too, He is so much cuter in person. I love Badgers and Raccoons.
    Thanks so much for the offer... That is so nice !
    I have a Sister-In-Law who keeps me well stocked with Scotties from a Christmas sweater, Flannel sheets and Jammies so I am pretty set.
    We don't exchange gifts anymore so I always wonder what could have come next ! She is a very clever shopper.

  5. Yes I was going to say won't they tear them to bits? It's going to be mayhem!

  6. You're right, these are just too adorable to sacrifice to the jaws of the two square ones. If they're anything like my two dogs, the sweet little bunny and raccoon would suffer a terrible end. Perhaps at least you could give them a small reprive before throwing them to the I mean dogs.

  7. Anna...
    We passed in the internet space time ....
    Oh I know your so busy but any time you drop by is a treat and you know how much I love your photography !

    Mayhem is the word !

    I am not so sure I can give these toys up ! I got them several rubber (?) squeaky toys that I know they love...
    I love your last line !

  8. Awwww, they're cute!

    Are you running a betting pool on how long they last in the jaws of the dogs?