Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yes, that is Snow !

Yes, that is Snow !, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Close-up of some of the snow on the lower part of the Catalina
Mountain outside of my foothill home In Tucson, Arizona.
Taken this afternoon, the snow is starting to melt by my home but they
haven't cleared all of the road up to the Mt. Lemmon
area, where the town of Summerhaven and our ski lifts are !

A few days early but Winter has come to Tucson !
Commence dancing in the streets !

cheers. . . parsnip
music. . . Dancing in the Streets, Martha and the Vandellas


  1. That's a very broody looking sky. I'd love to live in a place where winter caused dancing!

    Any new year resolutions for you?

  2. Eryl...
    Winter rains replenish our water table, aquifer so we will have water for the year, we need it. It is just very very cold much colder than usual so dancing = happy and dancing also helps to keep us warm.

    I usually don't do New Year resolution apart from World Peace... and learning to wave like the Queen.
    But this year I want to be more selfish with my time not take anymore excuses from anyone especial men and pin down my doctor about why I am deteriorating faster and not getting better.
    Does that make sense ? or maybe it shouldn't !
    anyways power to the parsnip !

  3. The latter part of your resolutions make good sense. Happy New Year!

  4. So much seems fabulous about you: where you live, your photographs and your blog. I am very envious, but please keep it up!

    The very best of all Good new Years to you!

  5. all the best to you, sugar! happy new year and here's to a very happy arizona water table! xoxoxoxox

    ps. i'm so glad this year introduced us to each other! xoxxo

  6. Love the colors in that pic!


  7. Pat...
    Yes. . . Power to the parsnip !

    I so enjoyed finding your blog too !
    haiku power !
    Happy New Year !

    Yea !
    snow, water, rain, sun, Joy and Love !
    and southern ladies who know how to use the word SUGAR !

    Thank You but the color is all because Mother Nature is quite fabulous in Arizona.
    HNY2U2 ! You have people who text living around you right ?

    All I do is point and click ! I live in a fabulous area !