Monday, October 18, 2010

Lobby of the Matunoya Kasen Roykan

Display cases with local art in the Lobby of the Roykan.
There was a sitting room right behind this with comfy chairs just made
for sipping Tea and Reading.
To the right a small charming bar area. Of course I didn't get a
picture of that ! it was so Kawaii (cute)
What was I thinking !

This area is not on any Tourist Map for Foreign travelers. None of the
staff spoke English but that didn't stop them or me.
I think that is why the Hotel was so excited to have us. They never
had foreign tourist before.
Of course Japanese Son speaks terrific Japanese, DIL is Japanese and
they acted acted as translators.
California Daughter speaks some Japanese as does Tucson Son, so they were fine.
I on the other hand, smiled and used the five sentences I know a lot !

silky. . . parsnip
music. . . Sea Of Mist, Nobuo Uematsu


  1. How wonderful to go somewhere tourist free, not that I have a problem with tourists (I dream of being one!), but lots of them must alter a place over time.

    I really like the multi coloured plant pots at the bottom of the display case.

    Do you ever look at the blog grrl + dog, she is a guerilla artist in Australia, and she recently profiled another guerilla artist who had placed 100 vintage teacups containing a forget-me-not seedling around Melbourne. Such glorious positive art!

  2. I bet they've got foreign tourists before, I'm just thinking that they are not so common up there. Never-the-less, they treated us so nicely. Because of that experience, Yuko, Mia and I are going to go to one of the other hotels in their group next time I have some time off.

  3. My daughter has just spent some time in Japan, She loved it and recommended we visit soon, so much beauty and gentility. Thanks Parsnip.

  4. Looks like a beautiful hotel. I also like the little potted plants with the light behind them. How interesting that none of the staff spoke English. On this trip, you probably picked up more of the Japanese language than you realize.

  5. I wonder how it is that 2 of your children speak some Japanese.

  6. I love these pics and this travelogue of your trip. It is so nice.

  7. Earl...
    I am a tourist too but I try not to be the "Ugly American" kind.
    I look in at grrl + dog ever so often when I see her post on your side bar. Love the teacup idea and must check that out.

    You mentioned that to me before about no foreign tourists but the fact they are so off the main tourist area I am thinking you might be true.
    The staff were super wonderful to all of us but I have always found that most people in Japan have been extremely kind and helpful to me.
    That sound like just the holiday for an Onsen loving family like yours.

    I have so enjoyed every trip to Japan.
    Even when I would go out on my own, speaking very little Japanese, everyone went out of their way to be helpful.
    I am sure you would so enjoy it, think of the photographs !

    Diane AZ
    We were really off the tourist areas. Even in the area my son and his family live which is right outside of Osaka, I only saw two other foreigners riding trains.

    Kass.. .
    Japanese Son finished up his University studies in Japan and then stayed there.
    Daughter studied Japanese on her own in Junior High by going to immersion camp every summer through Concordia Collage and then in High School
    took evening classes at Junior Collage because her High School didn't offer it. Studied it at University also.
    Tucson Son speaks French, studied in France one summer, German and has now started studying Japanese.
    But to speak it well you need to speak it everyday with they can't.
    I on the other hand I seem a slacker as I can
    only speak English. Rosetta Stone here I come.

  8. One of the great things about visiting far flung family is that one feels rather more than just a tourist. We used to get that in France and Australia and the States when we still travelled.
    Now I have family in Thailand also.
    It all looks so charming.

  9. Pat ...
    So very true Japan feels like home to me just like Tucson does.
    I love when they ask you at Immigration why are your visiting and you get to say "Oh I'm visiting family"

    Sorry my "American" kicked in and I misspelled your Name ! ACK !