Thursday, October 21, 2010

Breakfast and a Link !

Breakfast and a Link !, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

I was hoping for some Rice, Miso soup and some Fish for Breakfast but
we had all this waiting for us when we came down.
So very happy !

Here is a link to Matunoya Kasen Roykan.
The site is in Japanese but just click on the left side of the main
header to see what the different baths look like and just how
beautiful the Roykan is.
I hope this works !

pretty. . . parsnip
music. . . Cloud Age Symphony, Okino, Shuntaro


  1. That breakfast has a very different look from ours - that is one of the things I like about going to different places in the world.

  2. You could never get bored withe food like that. It would tempt anyone's appetite.

  3. Good job on the link. Once you master that, we'll move on to posting two photos at once! :D

  4. Weaver...
    This is the kind of Breakfast I like or toast and egg is good for me, leftovers even better.
    So brown rice and some protein maybe some veggies and miso soup and I am happy.
    I am not really big on sweet things.

    This is a of course a elegant special holiday breakfast... but parts can and are used for everyday meals.

    I hope you clicked on the link to see the hotel.

    Gee thanks ! but I had help from your Brother. It was easy to cut and paste.

  5. If breakfast was like that here I would eat it! Off to follow that link now.

  6. Its been a while now since I had a Japanese food. The other day I told my husband, I have to have some sushi one day, lol. I been in Japan in 2005, and the food was amazing. Thanks for the reminder too parsnip. Hope all is well otherwise, and thanks so much for visiting my blog. Always appreciated. Anna :)

  7. Eryl...
    I really love Japanese Breakfasts.

    I always love to visit your blog the photo are always so fabulous.

    Fickle Cattle...
    Such a great name...
    I must say I love Asian food, just the best.