Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dinner at Matunoya Kasen

smIMG_5844, originally uploaded by Mollybot.

This photo was taken by daughter mollybot at our dinner at Matunoya Kasen.
When we came down to dinner all Five Dinners were already set up for us to enjoy.
Starting our meal with Tomato Vinegar with Gold Flake in the small Blue and White glass. Very light, so good.
Shashimi in glass plate,
My favorite, Tempura Japanese Fig in pink dish,
Square dish, Octopus, Squid and Kobocha Pumpkin in a Raspberry sauce. sounds weird but Fabulous.
Soup with Japanese vegetables atop it's own burner.

Off to the side were three metal pots atop their own burners cook three different rice dishes and an Egg Custard filled with Scallop and Crab. Dessert was a Steamed Cheese Cake, Sorbet and sliced Orange. Perfect !

happy. . . parsnip
music. . . Ritz, Basiscape


  1. What a beautiful looking feast. I love the Japanese esthetic with presentation of food, not to mention the tastes. Lovely post, Parsnip.

  2. Looks wonderful, and how nice to come down and find it all waiting for you!

    On Saturday we went up to Glasgow to visit Stevie's great aunt Betty for her 93rd birthday, and took advantage of being in the city by stopping for supper in a Japanese restaurant. It was very nice, though I have no idea how authentic it was.

  3. So much more inviting then the stuff we see on cook programmes.
    If one didn't feel hungry one could just enjoy the art. I think I could polish off most of the dishes. No probs!

  4. Joanna...
    I was very spoiled and loved it !

    I was very overwhelmed when we came down and because of Mia they had us in a alcove so the baby would be more comfortable.
    I am glad your enjoyed the dinner when I don't know the restaurant I have several basic dishes I pick to see how they are cooked.

    There is an art to the dishes but I will later show the more everyday and not so fancy food that is just as tasty.

  5. What a beautiful presentation, it all looks so fresh and delicious! I think the fig dish would be my favorite too.