Thursday, October 14, 2010

ComCast Internet messed me up once again !

I have ComCast Internet and to all you fellow masochists you know how
I feel.
Yet again as I was on my computer the internet goes off and on.
It is like a game of hide and seek to see if you can finish your work
before it decides to shut down
and then magically pop on again while what you were working on is lost
in cyber land.
My computer and flickr said it was sent.
And to make this better, I have the charming junction box in front of
my home ... ARGH ! ! !

So the post below is the start of the four photo post I started last
Sorry Eryl I hope this makes more sense now.

My blog is set up one photo/text per post ...
I guess I will have to set-up a new way of posting so I can hopefully
get around ComCast and its great internet service.

very very very... angryparsnip ! ! !
no music. . . I don't know any Death Metal.


  1. The whole of blogland seems to be having troubles of one kind or another. All we can do is to keep our cool.

  2. Weaver...
    So right but I must tell you "concast keeps "upgraded" at our expense every few months and has a new corporate office and high priced stars on it commercials while my internet every year get worst and worst. I really don't have another choice.
    Letting off some steam every once on the blog is helpful because the problem is never their fault.

  3. Poor Parsnip!
    Yes the internet is sorely messed up right now!
    Not to mention the UFO's.
    I am using my husband's ancient computer since mine is in the shop.
    I'm not the least surprised you couldn't post on "Examining".
    I agree with Weaver that we have to be patient.
    We are kind of lucky to have the internet at all.

  4. Elizabeth...
    Oh Elizabeth I know what you and Weaver said is true and I am truly grateful for all the wonderful things in my life, but the Internet, sometimes I get frustrated.
    Computers and internet are not my domain. Paper, ink, paint that is what I understand.
    UFOs gotta love them.

  5. The worst thing is you can never catch anyone who is accountable. I seem to be involved with so many different names - Orange, Wandadoo, Firefoz etc etc through no action on my part.
    I post my photos with Picasa and on the whole they are OK.

  6. Well, if Martin Heidegger was right – he argued that technology only did us any good when it went wrong – you must be getting stronger by the day!

    We are having router problems here at the moment, our signal keeps dropping in and out. Bob thinks it must be being interrupted by another router in the vicinity that is either more powerful than ours or at least as powerful. We only got this one a few months ago and it was the most powerful available, but technological advances seem to be being made by the second these days.

    Did I express confusion earlier? No need to ever apologise to me, bewildered seems to be my default position at the moment.

  7. Eryl...
    No, you didn't express confusion earlier but I thought the post made more sense when the first part was posted.
    I took my laptop and moved it into the living room nearer the router so I could have a better chance to post this time with out interruptions. I only had one drop out this time so I only whimpered instead of screaming for about two seconds then I was good.
    The thing is even with the comcast routing box in front of my home the service people keep saying I have the weakest signal on the street. Lucky me.