Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall colors in Tucson

Fall colors in Tucson, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Many blogger are writing about the Fall colors where they live.
Trees turning yellow, red, orange and bronze and posting the
wonderful photos to prove it.
I am very envious !

In Tucson we don't have that kind of Fall colors unless you travel up
into the Catalina Mountains.
Tucson is very green in Winter and besides the Mesquite tree not many
trees lose leaves or turn colors.

In the foothills where I live and the Catalina Mountains you will see
snow but Tucson is still very green even in Winter.

Our Fall color comes from the Citrus trees. The green fruit starts to
change from bright green to yellow and many shades of orange.

Plus we get to eat the fruit not just rake the leaves !

So here is some Autumn color from Tucson, bright blue sky, temp's this
week high 70's to high 80's and the color of Citrus !

sunny. . . parsnip
music. . . Sweet Leaf, John Hackett/Moodi Drury


  1. I would be happy with all of that:)

  2. One of the nicest things about blogging is that one gets to learn of various climates throughout the world - Tucson looks lovely and I guess you have fairly warm winters too. Lucky you.

  3. Pat...
    I really like my trees.
    The land and where it is in the foothill of the Catalina Mountains is a big reason why I bought this home and land after the divorce.

    I have been to the area where you live and I love it. That is a big reason why I started to read your blog.
    Tucson is lovely but it gets cold in winter. And it does freeze for a week or so in Tucson and of course the mountains around here.
    Winter is also our main rainy season so we need the snow in the mountains that ring Tucson and the rain in the valley.

  4. I'm looking out my window at foggy greyness with deep orange maples and dark green cedars peeking through. Quite a difference from Tucson. Your description reminds me of its beauty. Interesting how colors can evoke a place. We're thinking we might head down your way for a little break from the rain forest climate some time this winter.

  5. Joanna...
    The parts one loves about were we live is also the parts that can be a minus. Lush green and ocean views can mean cold rainy winter days.
    Bright sunny day all year can mean rather too hot Summers.
    But we learn to make the best of it all.
    Travel is a good word !

    If you are thinking of coming out this way ...
    yea !