Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Morning nap

Morning nap, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

This morning my older Scotty Watson really wanted to go out, sitting
by the studio door and looking at me. He rarely does this so I looked
out my windows towards the citrus trees and who was taking a nap in
one of the watering wells ? but the Leader of the Pack.
Needless to say Watson and Hamish did not get to go out and bark at
the Javelinas. Bad bad puppies !
Off to the side the rest of the herd were just walking around
quacking. . .

Side note:
This looks like a new young leader, I don't know what happened to the
older leader over the summer when they were up in the mountains where
it was cooler. I need to watch the herd over the next few weeks to see
who is who. Maybe it is the same leader but he is acting not as laid-
back as last year.

The white paint is to keep the anti-fungus medicine on the bark of the
citrus trees.

smiling . . . parsnip
music. . . Nice Day . . . Persephone's Bees


  1. Wow, I am really sorry we missed seeing any of them while we were there!!

  2. Kanani. . .

    Sorry you missed them too but they are back now, winter is coming.

    They kicked a young male out of the herd and he follows them at a distance. I know it is Nature but seeing him all by himself breaks my heart. I worry about when winter comes and it drops down to freezing who will he curl up with ?... just what I need more to worry about.

  3. How exrtaordinary. You got me googling. It would scare me if I came across it.

  4. I am so envious of you for this, I remember you posting about the Javelinas before, they are such odd-cute looking creatures.

    Very sad about the young male; I wonder what he did though?

  5. Eryl. . .
    There can only be one strong leader and so I think the younger males get run off.

  6. Wow so cute. Yuko loved it too. You're soo lucky to live there.

  7. David. . .
    Yes I am lucky but some times it is sad for me too, when something bad happens and you can't do anything to help.
    Oh. . . I saw a Beautiful Coopers Hawk sitting on my fence today, then he took off and with 2 beats of his wings glided the whole length of my yard. Outstanding !