Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hurt Javelina

Hurt Javelina, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Today when I came home I found two Javelinas sleeping in the well of
my Grapefruit tree. Or so I thought . . . .

The big Leader was laying near the smaller female and she was not
moving. For over 4 hours I kept watch, from my studio windows looking
to see if she was breathing. She was breathing but not moving much.
The Leader of the herd stayed and kept watch.
Then something heartbreaking sad, sweet, kind and wonderful happened,
as the big male got up other Javelinas from the herd came over to
snuggle next to her. Several babies even squeezed in. Then they got
up after a few minutes and several other came to snuggle. After about
30 minutes they moved and the leader came back. She seemed to perk up.
See above picture, the female is on the right and the leader is resting on the
left. I know it is not the best photo but I didn't want to upset the
sick/injured Javelina.

I called the wonderful Tucson Wildlife Center and they sent two
volunteer staff members over to check on her and if needed try to
capture her. By the time they came she had gotten up and wobbled over
to the bushes. The two staff members checked out the herd for the
injured Javelina but all looked fine and with all the babies around
the herd is very protective and dangerous.
So I am to keep watch and to keep checking on her condition and call
them if I see any change.

The other problem is the herd has lots of really tiny, young babies
( so really cute ) and one is coughing. That is a really bad sign as
babies born in winter months are very prone to pneumonia. I am now
watching for sick little ones too. If need the Tucson Wildlife Center
will come out and catch them and get medical attention to them and
when better release them back to the wild.

I love living with all the wildlife but sometimes it is hard for me to
understand Nature. I know that the animals have survived for hundred
of years on their own but I still can't help but feel powerless some days.
The animals were here first and I have intruded on their land so I try
to minimize my impact on the land and the wildlife living on it.

I am sending a donation to The Wildlife Center and adopting an animal
who cannot be released back into the wild. I think it will be Bubba
the Owl. I have always loved Owls and there is one who sits on my
fireplace chimney and hoots ( and eats the pesky and destructive pack
rats ) Love that Owl, I have named him Bernard.

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  1. I know how hard it is to accept the cruelty of Nature - red in tooth and claw - and it's great you have the Wildlife people to support you. What a wonderful place to stand and stare:)

  2. Oh, I'm so glad the sick one got up and was able to move around.

  3. Kanani. . .
    Not sure if she is OK but I will be looking for her.

    Pat. . .
    I'm a big softy and want to make everything better, in Tucson there is a saying, a fed pig is a dead pig.

    She was moving better but the TWC people really couldn't get too close and this herd is very big. Today I saw several mom's with the super tiny piglets and they are so cute. Bad news is I heard some coughing. Hope I am wrong.

  4. I hope the whole family is okay! how amazing that you can view all this wildlife from your window.