Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Bunny, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

When I first moved to Tucson, I was at the Hardware store and saw this
Bunny. She was sitting there all alone and as I rather love Bunnies I
picked her up along with some nails, glue, pails, paint and brushes.

I unpacked the car and carried all the bags in, Bunny landed on my
Kitchen counter and has stayed there ever since. I know this is an
outdoor statue but I rather like her here and I put seasonal items in
her shell that she is holding. Today it is a Pomegranate one of my all
time favorite fruits.

When I was growing up in Tucson my Parents asked me what kind of tree
would I like to be planted in our back yard , I picked out a
Pomegranate tree. I think my parents expected some kind of citrus
tree. They were surprised but found one and I helped with the
planting. Thanks Mum.

This Spring I will be planting a Pomegranate along with a Kumquat
tree in my yard. Good times and great memories.

American Holiday or not, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. . .

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  1. Do pomegranates grow well in Arizona?

  2. Asian Trains. . .

    Yes they grow well in Tucson, they adapted to areas with cool winters and hot summers and are drought tolerant. They favor a semi-arid climate, that's my area !

  3. Nice idea - especially changing with the seasons.