Saturday, October 31, 2009


BOO !, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Happy Halloween !

This little hot cup comes from the 7 Eleven Store. They have been
running a promotion as Target did last year. The only problem for
some reason both stores just call him Domo instead of his true name
Domo Kun. I guess saying his whole name is too hard for Americans ?

I think he is/was the mascot for NHK Television. I heard his name came
about by an announcer saying Domo Konnichiwa, a greeting ( well hello
there ) or Hello Domo a fun pun Domo Kun. The station ran short
announcements with him, and a Star was born.

He is so cute and I am a big fan !

scary. . . parsnip
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  1. Happy Halloween. Oh my last comment got lost. it wasn't earth shattering:)

  2. Finding DomoKun stuff in Japan is pretty hard now a days. Amazing that you have it at 7/11.

  3. Pat. . .

    I always enjoy your comments and your blog too ! I get to visit the UK any time I want through your pictures.

    David. . .

    Well DomoKun is quite old. I love that he is a small open mouth monster, hatched from an egg who lives underground with a wise old rabbit. . . oh and likes TV !

    I was shocked when I saw the banner hanging in front of 7 Eleven. . . and they also have some DomoKun items inside.
    I have only been to a store in El Centro so I need to stop here in Tucson. Think I can buy the banner ?

  4. I love him, but I also rather enjoy the background picture too!

  5. Eryl. . .

    I am a big "Totoro" fan. . .
    That is one of my favorite pictures and it seemed the perfect backdrop to fit in with the Halloween fun !