Thursday, November 12, 2009


Persimmon, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

This is a Fall Postcard from Japan, and that means Persimmons ! ! !

I love Fuyu Persimmons you can eat them right away and they are crisp
and crunchy and so very tasty.
I don't like the Hachiya Persimmons you have to wait for them to
ripen, too soft and mushy. If you bite into an unripe one they are
bitter and astringent.

The Bottle of Sparkling Sake is my latest find. Not a big fan of Sake,
rather have a beer with my sushi but I love the label and bottle
shape. Not too sure about the "Sparkling" but who knows might be good ?

The little card holder is from one of my trips to Japan.

Autumn . . . parsnip
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  1. I love Fuyu persimmons too! The Hachiyas are good for saving and making cookies and puddings from! But I guess my favorite thing about persimmons is the shape and color, also how they grow on those trees in the dead of winter with no leaves. They're so pretty!

  2. Kanani. . .

    I so agree, sometimes I like the way somethings look more than how it taste.

  3. I like Persimmons very much, noticed that they starting to show in the supermarkets. Cool postcard. Thanks for sharing. Anna :)

  4. Anna. . .

    They taste so good and it also doesn't hurt that they are so beautiful... what color !

  5. I don't know persimmon varieties at all. The ones they have here are so different from the ones we had in Japan: they have no seeds at all. I can't help but find that weird.

    Around this time in Japan, every farmhouse in the Japanese Alps had a long line of persimmons hanging out to dry from the eaves. I loved seeing those long strings of persimmons hanging in front of farmhouses like Christmas lights. And I loved getting the big, firm persimmons from my friends' trees. (No idea what kind they were!)

  6. I'm getting ready to write about persimmons too...wish I could say I love eating them but I don't!

    The sparkling sake can be quite good, it seems to be a trend the last couple of years. Try it cold!