Monday, August 10, 2009


Calendar, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

My Son and Daughter-in-law send me every year a calendar from
Japan.. . Usually it is something to do with Studio Ghibli or some
anime character. . . yes I am really a 17 year old nerd in spirit. . .

This year I received a calendar that shows all the festivals and
holidays in Japan. So on any given day someone is celebrating
something. Usually dancing and fireworks is involved oh and food lots
of really yummy street food. . .

Today 10 August, it is my Brothers Birthday and on the calendar his
day has lots of Fireworks. . . Yea ! soooooo. . . To my Brother,
Happy Happy Birthday !

Yummy cake. . . parsnip
Music. . . The Birthday Song ( you knew this was coming, right )


  1. Happy Birthday to Parsnip's brother. I'm sure the calendar brings you closer to your family.

  2. Happy Birthday to your brother!!!
    Flor (

  3. I have a bit of thing about calendars, I have several and like to write things on them but then forget to refer to them! So now I'm trying to get to grips with an electronic one that will alert me if I let it.

    Happy birthday to your brother!

  4. I love Japanese anime drawings! Oh... have you seen... there's a new anime film coming out!

  5. PI. . .
    I wish I could read Japanese so I could know what lots of those Festivals are. . .so many look like way to much fun.

    Flores. . .
    Thanks !

    Eryl. . .
    The only calendar that ever works for me is the kind that lays flat like a blotter on your desk. Mostly I write small notes and tape them up on the door to remind me. . . so old school !

    Kanani. . .
    30 + years of anime and growing up with Disney, I am so a geek !
    my Japanese son sent me "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea" on the day it came out in Japan... I like to watch the movies with subtitles so I can hear the voices the director wanted. The trouble with Disney re-releases is that they pick "Big" named actors to dub but not always the best choice.
    I will go see it on the big screen, any Studio Ghibli is a treat to see !

  6. Oh...they're films by Miyazaki.
    I just love them....
    The drawings are just so beautiful.
    I have to go to the thrift store now, to look for some cake pans! I gave mine away long ago, but only recently have gotten interested in baking again.