Friday, August 14, 2009

storm clouds

storm clouds, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Sometimes just living here is a treat !

Serene. . . parsnip
Music. . . In The Blink Of An Eye. . . Christopher Cross


  1. Those are some great storm photos you've taken.

  2. Incredible! Is that the sun? I love the little teeny clouds near the horizon.

  3. I was driving to Julian today, and realized that if I went south and then east on the 8, I'd be in Tucson!

  4. David. . .
    Thanks it is way to easy here, you should know as you spent a few years here in Tucson.

    PI. . .
    All I have to do is point and click ! so easy.

    Eryl . . .
    The Shot is facing West and that is the Sun. I love the difference between the large clouds and all the teeny little ones near the horizon. I would have liked to take one using a close up lens but didn't... shame, such a very interesting group of clouds.

    Kanani. . .
    I thought about you today as I knew your were driving South. . . hope Daughter got off without too much hassle.
    got a-bit home sick for Laguna today because of the snake in the pool and all. . .but then I read about the fires and decided it is all good after all in Tucson.