Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Heavy Cloud No Rain ! (Sting)

Monday's afternoon rain storm. . . this view is facing West.

No rain at my home but it rained all around the Tucson Valley with
micro-bursts to the south that did lots of damage.

Wish I could post more than one picture at a time, because this storm
that engulfed Tucson was so intriguing, it was on all side of me and
kept changing every few minutes. I must learn how to post more than
one photo at a time.

Humid. . . parsnip
Music. . . Blue. . . Hikaru Utada


  1. This is an amazing photograph, so incredibly dramatic, and I love that little golden oval towards the bottom right.

    How do you post your photos, I've noticed that when I click on them it takes me to flikr? The way I do it is to click on the add photo icon on the top of the text edit box (you know the box where you type up your post?) and then click on browse my computer (or perhaps it's hard drive) and that takes me to my own photo albums from which I choose each picture. Once you have uploaded one and clicked on 'done' you can click on the icon and choose another. You have a choice of making the pictures small, medium, or large too. I usually choose medium as that seems to mean I can post more at a time and then if anyone wants more detail they can click on the photo and it takes them to the huge version. Does all this make sense? Oh, one more thing, make sure you are in compose rather than HTML (top right of the text box just click on compose) mode or once your picture uploads it will just look like a bunch of text (though not once you preview or post).

    I hope that helps.

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  3. Eryl. . .
    Thanks for the help, I will look into what you said.
    I think my son set me up with the simple, you can't make many mistakes blog... I go into "iPhoto" and several options pop up and then I hit e-mail, compose then send. I think he did it this way till I got use to this computer. I keep saying I will take some classes but so far it has been a year...
    At last I haven't blown-up/deleted anything yet ! Give me time !