Friday, August 21, 2009

Tucson home with impending storm

Tucson has not had a very good monsoon this year but today is the
first day of 5 days of projected rain. Yea ! we need it. You can see
the very beginning of the storm clouds behind my home.
The rain hit my home at 2:50 on Friday afternoon. The Storm Alert said
winds were tracking at 65 mph before the rain storm that was moving
at about 45-mph.
I can believe it as I was taking some pictures out side I could see
the storm moving down the valley towards me and it hit with a
vengeance. Lots of lighting and booming thunder.

One lighting bolt just hit about 5 miles from me as I was looking out my window while typeing this. Yea-Haaaa just another day in the wild wild west !

Windblown. . . . parsnip
Music . . . Ride Like The Wind. . . The Cafe Carlyle Sessions,
Christopher Cross


  1. I love your house, it looks so 'desert abode' exotic.

  2. It's a bit muggy today. No rain, just humidity.

  3. Eryl. . .
    Thanks I like it too but the location is what really sold me. It does look quite " desert " like.

    Kanani. . .
    A bit humid here most of the day! but it was the build up to the rain.
    We need the rain.