Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tako Ferry

Tako Ferry, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

The Tako (octopus) Ferry that runs from Akashi Hyogo port to Awaji-
Island Iwaya port is a one of the best and cutest ferrys I have been
on. It is about a 20 minute ride on a ferry that has a huge very
happy looking red octopus on it. Now who doesn't want a ride on a
ferry like that? It carries people and cars over the Seto Inland Sea.
This ferry runs next to and under the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge which besides being
very beautiful is the longest suspension bridge in the world. I will
write about this bridge in my next post. . .
In front of the Akashi-Hyogo port ticket office is the wonderful
little "mikoshi" (small shrine) with the Tako Ferry mascot of the in
it. The ticket office also had great snack food for take-away and a
wonderful assortment of really cute souvenirs to buy, which we
all did!

I am really missing Japan ... parsnip
music. . . OST. . . Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. . . Studio Ghibli


  1. That's the same tako as in my nickname "sleepytako". Everyone thinks I mean taco, as in the glorious mexican food item which is hard to come by here in Japan, but I really mean tako as in octopus!

    Currently the ferry has stumbled upon some hard times. Part of the economic stimulus going on here all of the toll roads in Japan are a flat rate of USD $10 on the weekends so people are using the bridge which normally costs around USD $40 one way instead of the ferry.

  2. I am beginning to think that Japan is my spiritual home!

  3. It has a Toyland feel which is refreshing. Who could be grumpy in that sort of ambience?

  4. @PI Many, many people could be grumpy. Trust me, I serve them booze! :D

  5. sleepytako, she was serving beer and takoyaki I thought.
    thanks for all the help.

    PI . . . fun for us but if you have to use it all the time? It was cheaper than the bridge. . .

    Eryl. . . I will keep posting more pictures from your new homeland.