Thursday, July 16, 2009

Santa Cruz Sand Trout

Santa Cruz Sand Trout, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

The Santa Cruz Sand Trout is Arizona's most reclusive life-form.
Living in the dry washes of Tucson this fish can stand extreme heat
and the absence of water ! ! !

The story goes . . . at one time the Sand Trout lived in Southern
Arizona when the rivers were still filled with water. As the rivers
dried up the Sand Trout developed the ability to live in the sand and
breath air.
"This fish is Tucson's local version of mythical creatures. You can
find more info in the book "Southern Arizona Folk Arts"

I pass this FABULOUS metal sculpture aquatic rotating weather vane
over the Rose Hill Wash along Tanque Verde Road. Right now the wash is
empty ( very pretty and green ) but with the Monsoon and later the
winter rains there will be lots water rushing here.

This wonderful art piece was designed by local architect Paul Edwards
and local artist Chris Tanz.
Tucson has a really great city funded public art program and I will be
showing many art pieces on this blog, from the well designed inter-
state highway art to the many pieces of art that just appear as you
drive by.
Tucson is rather small city but they really know how to use city
funded art, unlike some cities I have lived in.

A very warm . . . . parsnip
music. . . Antonio Carlos Jobim songbook


  1. Great story!And how marvellous to live in a city that embraces public art.

  2. PI. . . I always smile when I drive by, fish jumping out of a dry riverbed, but the story behind it makes it even better.

    Eryl. . . Just wait till I can figure out how to get some pictures of the Inter-state highway mosaic art with out getting run over.
    We also have a pedestrian bridge over a busy road that looks like a Rattlesnake and lights up at night.