Sunday, July 5, 2009

Monsoon Sunset

Monsoon Sunset, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

When I took this picture every where in Tucson was colored a rosy-
pink and huge blue-gray cloud covered the valley. Very Beautiful, the
white dots are rain drops

In July humidity increases dramatically, when the dew point reaches 54
degrees or higher for 3 consecutive days with temperatures of 100,
105 seems to be the perfect number we have Monsoon Season. It starts
early July through September.

Or my explanation. . . when the Summer days get really hot and the
heated air rises to met the colder moisture laden air pushing
north. . . boom ! we have Thunder and Lighting storms, or Monsoon !

Most days start out with very clear blue skies with big fluffy white
clouds building up over the mountains and by the afternoon you start
to hear thunder the clouds get darker then the rains storm come. There
is some wind, lighting and the air smells of sage and ozone. There is
humidity but not like your walking around in a sunna.
Somedays it will rain like crazy at my home but 40 minutes away at the
Tucson International Airport, the official weather station, they will
get only trace of rain. You can watch the clouds pull the storm
thunder and lighting, across the valley and be standing in sunshine
watching it.

Summer is very interesting here, HOT but interesting something new

Cheers. . . parsnip


  1. Lovely photo. I thought they were the moon and the stars.

  2. PI. . .
    oooooooh the moon stars sound more Fabulous.
    It was a beautiful evening saturated in color and a bit lighter than in the photo it was so lovely and smelled so good. Later that evening lots of thunder and lighting !

  3. Oh my God I so love this shot wish I was out on your patio enjoying the sounds and smells with you!

  4. This is utterly beautiful, the colours, with that little touch of green on the left, are just gorgeous!

  5. Debbie. . . thanks, patio is now open

    Eryl, After the post I went back and played with the photo and lightened it up a-bit so you can see the colors even better more like the way it was that night. I really like this photo.