Monday, July 20, 2009

Firefly Card

Firefly Card, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Because it is Summer, I received this Fabulous card from my Son and
Daughter In Law.
Japan has wonderful greeting cards, three dimensional fold-out with
music. . . fabulous cards! This one you push the top button and the
sound of running water, crickets and also has fluttering lights of the

They know how crazy I am about Fireflies. . .
On my last visit to Japan they took me to the Firefly Bridge over the
Arima-Gawa in Yamaguchi-cho, Nishinomiya, Japan. The small bridge goes
over a river filled with Fireflies, reeds, flowers with trees on the
river bank.

What is so very sweet and tugs at my heart, is the Local School
Children take care of this area/bridge and there are pictures drawn
from the children framed all over the bridge.

We got there very late one evening, I had just flown in and was quite
tired, but so glad they took me to see this lovely site. Even though
it was late people were strolling around enjoying the evening sound
and sights. This was one of the most lovely evenings I have ever spent.

A thank you also to Hayao Miyazaki and Stuido Ghibli for all the
wonderful Japanese Animation Movies that I adore and of course the
fireflies that he puts in them.

A very warm. . . parsnip. . . it is 104 today.
Music. . . The Soundtrack to Totoro, feeling very Japanese today ! ! !


  1. I really, really must get myself over to Japan one day, soon.

  2. My late BIL spent some time in Japan
    at the end of WW2. He brought me two most beautiful hanging plates with such pretty scenes but sadly when I changed hospitals they got broken.
    I think your card is lovely and hope you can keep it more safely than I did.

  3. Eryl. . . I really love my time spent there, even though I feel like an Albino Godzilla who stomps around . . . everyone is very tiny you would fit right in.

    One of my Japanese mom names is mumzilla... I made it up, I love Godzilla and I am a mum, it gives everyone a giggle.

    PI. . .
    I save some cards that friends send that they have written notes on.. but I save and put out with the seasons the Japanese Cards. The Christmas ones are a hoot.

    The Dish in back was bought for the Year of the Dragon, but I change the animal in front with each New Year, this is the year of the Cow/Ox

  4. I love that little lantern! I'd love to go to Japan. You're so fortunate your son lives there --always a trip for you to look forward to, and also your own custom tour guide!

    I"m off to NYC tomorrow. Catch ya later.