Thursday, July 2, 2009


Monsoon, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Yea !

It is Monsoon time again, weather that can and will change in 60
seconds. Stand on one side of a street and be drenched but the other
side will be dry.

This is a picture of a fast moving storm from last Summer that zoomed
across the Tucson valley and left downed power lines, trees, flooded
streets and cars.
This storm took about 5 minutes to cross the Tucson Valley.

More Monsoon photos to come ! cheers, parsnip


  1. This is so much more interesting than ever geography was at school. We have torrential down pours from time to time, and flooding. Is monsoon associated with a hot wind?

  2. I do love a bit of dramatic weather – my mother used to tell me monsoon stories when I was growing up, I've yet to experience one. The most exciting thing we ever get weather-wise here is the odd lightening storm which is pretty rare.

  3. PI. . . There is wind but it is as hot as the day but it can be somewhat cooler as it comes right before the rain it is filled with moisture, sage and ozone. Smells so good. The winds are not like the hot moisture sucking Santa Ana's that hit Southern California and dry everything out.

    Eryl. . . yes our Monsoons are very dramatic. More to come on this next post.

  4. I love those monsoons. Unfortunately, last summer when I was in Tucson taking care of my uncle there were none! Boo hoo!!!