Sunday, July 26, 2009


Two things I love about Japan (out of 100) are Vending Machines and " ICOCA JR West Rail Service Mascot for the smart card. The letters are a play on the phrase "IKO KA" an informal... "shall we go" It is a FABULOUS Blue Platypus. The mascot is everywhere in the train station. All I wanted to do was rip one poster off the wall where "She" is carrying a purse and has a "don't mess with me attitude on her face.

The vending machines another big favorite of mine. . . they have everything and I really mean everything and anything you could need. They pop up everywhere. I remember walking home late one night in the very quiet countryside and a little beacon of light came from the vending maching. The lemon water is really great too !

So thanks to my son "sleepytako" ( great blog on Japan by the way) for this picture and memories.

A very happy. . . parsnip
music. . . " Ride On Time ". . . Tatsu Yamashita


  1. One of the things I love about blogging is that it gives a little feel of having travelled somewhere as a normal person rather than a travel writer or journalist. So I get to build up a picture of places I may never get the chance to visit. Your insights into Japan are really great!

  2. Eryl. . .

    Thanks, I feel the same way with your blog . ..

    My sons blog is based on everyday life and of course all things rusty... Lots of pictures, He also has a Sento or Onsen, bathhouse review. . .

  3. I saw a platypus in Australia but it wasn't blue.

  4. PI. . . my daughter is a big platypus fan too I have always wanted to go Australia to see some, lucky you.

  5. Okay, hahahaha! Did you really write venting machines! Oh... I can't let that go, and I think I like it.

    Anyway, the big blue platypus with a purse sounds very smart and great. People must love it if it's everywhere.

  6. Kanani. . .

    I reread my post and hope all is well but things slip by. . . after the day I had maybe "venting" was correct.
    It could be taken several ways but when it comes right down to it I still want the treats !

  7. Kanani. . .

    The Platypus is for the JR West Line, Osaka, Koyoto and Kobe. you also can use this smart card on the JR East line, Tokyo-Kanto . . . but their mascot is not as cute !