Saturday, July 11, 2009

Officially Monsoon

Officially Monsoon, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

It is Official. . . on Thursday 9 July the Monsoon season started for
me !

The first car of the rainy season has gotten stuck in the Stone Street
underpass in the City of Tucson. This is the older section of Tucson
and this street is one lane each way as it drops down under the
Railroad tracks. Every year there are several people who drive their
car into the flooded underpass and say... " but I thought I could
make it " as The Fire department and Police have to rescue them...
never mind the sign that says. . . Do Not enter When Flooded.

Every year before the monsoons hit all over the news is "don't go into
any flooded, running water and every year people try to drive through
the washes and underpasses and never make it.

I tried to find a picture of the truck but couldn't. So instead the
latest rain storm picture from my home looking towards the East.

Oh and as I was out and about running errands, driving in the city,
my car temp was 117. . . at my home it was a chilly 102.

Cheers, parsnip


  1. OMG THAT IS SO HOT!!! I so love all those people out there who think the rules are just a suggested guideline! Love your shot of the rain I was considering making a trip to see that is you before Edie's surgery but whoa that is mighty warm. I would need a lot of chardonay to stay cool!!!

  2. I love the heat, but even I think that might just be a little on the warm side. Another great photo!

  3. PI. . .
    What is scary is that they think they will make it instead of driving around to another street.

    Debbie. . .
    Happens every year ! Chardonnay is on ice !

    Erly. . .
    It is not as bad as it sounds. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't walk around in it but the rains come in the afternoon/evening so the humidity is not adding to the heat. Once you get over 100 what is a few more degrees.

  4. Oh, last year I got caught in a monsoon at the hospital in Tucson. I was soaked running from the car to the hospital, but it felt good!