Thursday, January 26, 2023

Winter still here.

More rain and snow.

Another day with the snow on the mountains.
View from my back yard.

Winter clouds.

Sweet Agatha.

phone makin' sound ?

Miss pretty who is interested in rearranging pillows and blankets
got tired  and took a nap.

Godzilla and his twin.

hey mum guess what iwinston be doing....

iwinston being have fun ummmmmm maybe not...


Some Happy Stuff.


cheers,  parsnip


  1. I got a laugh out of the vet answers!

    Such good doggies.

  2. I love all the funnies! And your pups are so adorable...but you knew that, didn't you? :)

  3. The gud dogs can get up to mischief! What is that on his nose? Makeup?

  4. iWinston, what's that on your face? Have you been snooping where you shouldn't? Agatha, your face is clean. What a good, pretty girl. I love your memes. The dog who coughs when the family coughs would fit in with us. Franklin, Penelope, and I share everything.


    1. Love the coughing gud dug. They do love us the best.

  5. After I've straightened up each morning Miss Dottie re-arranges the bed every single time...especially the pillows. Considers it her job and honestly, someone has to make sure the bed remains "Cairn" friendly. She and sweet Agatha must have some very similar DNA. Looks like iWinston really enjoyed his breakfast prior to that photo. We've received nearly two feet of snow this past week. Winter has certainly arrived! Wishing you a lovely weekend friend Gayle.

    1. We had snow at the home but it disappeared. Still lots of snow in the mountains, We have had over a week of hard freezes I already lost over half of my fruit trees 15 years ago hope these will be ok,

  6. Winter is still here, too! We're just getting rain down here in the flats. Snow is content to stay at higher levels, thank goodness. Love the cartoons and photos! xoxo

    1. Yes we westerners need that rain (not quite as much as you had) and the happy snow,