Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Hug a gud dug !

Son David, lived about 30 years in Japan. It has always easy to call him my Japanese son. 

Studied at University in Japan,

 Married and was raising a family there. 

Head of the language department at his University. 

Just moved back to Tucson to help take care of me.

                                                             Agatha loves her David.

On Saturday he had a Heart Attack while out and about. Thank goodness he was at a shop that knew him and right next to the Fire Department.  He was saved and sent to hospital.

                                            He is now home and being well looked after by a sweet Agatha
                                                               and helped by his adorable Daughter.

cheers,  parsnip


  1. So glad he has a dog to hug. Hope recovers fully and quickly.

  2. How shocking and terrifying for all of you. So glad he's on the mend and Nurse Agatha is on duty to help things along. Hugs to everyone. X

  3. How scary for you! I am glad he is here so you can take care of each other and hug your gud dogs when you need to!

  4. How terrifying. It's good that you have each other. Hope all is weel soon.

  5. Hope he is on the mend. Dog love always helps.