Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday In Japan... more gifts

Japanese family sent some of my favorite gifts.
 Marmalade, flower cookies and pre-moisten towels
 The cookies are the flaver of the best fortune cookie you ever had but better. 
The flowers add a slight spicy bite to the cookies
 I think this is a persimmon jam (marmalade)
Light, sweet with the most beautiful color.
 so pretty
 These are pre-mosioned towels
that you can wash and use again

 I ordered these from Amazon.
When I lived in California we used sriracha sauce and soy sauce
like everyone uses salt and pepper. I personally am kinda tired of sriracha.
But I found these fabulous sauces that I adore. 
I would drink the green sauce if I could and the red one is fermented.
Plus I adore Yuzu.
nom nom nom !
 I do not watch NBC or GMA  News they both drive me nuts.
When I wanted to throw things at the TV I knew they both had to go.
But I saw this on twitter and fell in love.
The oldest man in Australia knits these tiny sweaters for tiny injured penguins.
Oh My Goodness
Good Man
Big Heart !
yert !

And here is your mid-week pretty.
I am stealing "Happy Wisk" fun idea for a "what is this" post.
Wisk, belive me this is only for one time.
Plus I think she might know what this is ?
You must know I love this photo.
I think it might need to be upside down.
I am so wierd !

cookies. . . parsnip
music. . . Leave The Lights On,  Meiko


  1. Replies
    1. It is very light and somewhat sweet with the thinnest strips of the peel.
      The color is fabulous.

    2. I love persimmons. Japan is where I ate a fresh one for the first time.

  2. Flower cookies sound tasty!

    I'm assuming that's potato skin.

    1. I had to put them in the pantry so some one other than me could eat them.
      Great guess.
      This is a hard one. The only reason I would know it is because I would do this.

  3. Lovely gifts! so beautifully packaged always, in Japan. I just got some beautiful green tea, too pretty to open the little tins. But what is sriracha?? never heard of it!

    1. sriracha is a very hot, spicy sauce made with red chili, vinegar, sugar and garlic.
      Used in Thai and Vietnamese food.
      The man who came up with this sauce has a wonderful story

  4. I am clueless to what the picture is but I am going to guess you are related to Picasso. I love it.

  5. Oh my gosh, I love this. Had Tim come over and take a look and you've got us both stumped. This is so much fun. I hope you get to do more.

    I tried looking at it upside down, but my tablet keeps turning the picture. So funny.

    Off to send you and email now. So funny.

    1. You are a great cook that is why you do not know this.

    2. You are kind. I came back to look again. I had thought some kind of crafts.

      So fun.

  6. How nice these gifts from Japan. The marmalade looks very tasty to me.
    I saw this message about the old man nitting for injured penguins as well. So nice. The world is small.

  7. Such interesting - and thoroughly unusual Japanese food Parsnip. And those towels sound a good buy.
    As for those tiny sweaters - aren't they absolutely divine.

    1. What a wonderful word, divine. That is exactly what they are.

  8. The flower cookies look very pretty. And the persimmon jam...never tried but must be really yummy!
    How nice of the man in Australia to knit sweaters for injured penguins. It's always great to read about kindness for animals :-)

    I have no idea what the mystery photo is! Looking forward to the answer!

  9. I've seen that video of the penguins before!

  10. What fabulous packaging - I love Japanese design! Hope you enjoyed eating the contents! x

    1. So good !
      When I lived in California I had several great Japanese Markets to shop at.
      Here In Tucson I have a few very small stores with very limited syock.
      I miss them.

  11. Yum! I want some of those cookies! And the sweaters are cute as can be! I don't see how anyone could knit for penguins!

  12. The cookies look yummy. And the little bird sweaters are adorable.