Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday in Japan. and Valentines Day recap

Wednesday in Japan usually means food.
Here is an empty bottle of one of the best Yuzu Kosho sauce I have ever had.
Sending Son a request, more please.

What a fabulous label.
Now on to a Valentines Day recap.

I read so may blogs  that said Valentine Day is a made by Hallmark.
Hallmark can't tell me what to buy.
Hallmark Hallmark Hallmark is bad.
My husband shows me love all year I don't need Hallmark to tell me.

First let me tell you I worked for Hallmark as a card artist.
And I loved it.
Hallmark didn't start Valentines Day the Romans did.
If you have a husband who showes you how much he loves you all year,
lucky, you chose well.

For me Valentines Day is just a funny sweet holiday. 
One year my son and I made a dinosaur looking at the month of February
with all the days saying kill something and eat it,
till Valentines Day that had a red frilly heart on it.
Way to much fun.  Best card ever.

Hallmark makes it easy for anyone to send a Valentine, Birthday,
Christmas, Sympathy or Get Well  greeting.
Along with several other companies.
This year I didn't see one Hallmark commercial but I saw, lots of candy, flowers,
diamonds, steak dinners, cookies, cakes, teddy bears, cars
and even a refrigerator for Valentines Day.
Candy, flowers and diamonds are super expensive.
We have turned it into a money day.
But a card from Hallmark with a note written from you cost, a dollar or two,
a stamp and a few minutes of your time. Maybe $3.00 ?
The important part is the hand written note to Mum, Dad, child, friend,
 wife, husband or lover.
No e-mail please.
If your partner demand diamonds you have chose wrong.

Plus no one can tell you what to do.
All the years I worked at Hallmark I don't remember telling anyone
what to do as a friend on Bee's blog was railing against.
Smile, it is a funny silly day, enjoy.
Or just ignore it.

And just because I can here is your mid-week pretty
A few of my hearts.

 This rock is so heavy !


 and of course the best one of all
yert !

heart. . . parsnip
music. . . Heart of Rock and Roll, Huey Lewis and The News


  1. Very interesting Parsnip - I didn't know youhad worked for Hallmark. Hope the square ones are back in fighting form after their various set backs. I expect they will do their usual post on Friday and then i shall find out.

  2. In America, about 40 years ago, If you saw any funny animals with huge tennis shoes on them that was my cads. The bees where the best. Plus a lot of animated type animals. I have worked for many card companies over the years.
    The Square Ones will post on Friday. Set backs.

  3. Very cool that you worked there and had so much fun.

    To me and Tim, it's the time of year where I turn his gaming blog into a girly pink wonderland. We also enjoy getting a few gifts for each other, and this year, we were blessed with a three day smooch weekend.

    Love it, love it all.

    As for the haters .. let'em hate. It's what they do best.

  4. The ceramics in the second shot are very colourful!

  5. I like Valentine's Day to be fun. We hit the stores after Valentine's Day and buy a lot of half-price candy.

    1. Oh my goodness.... I would love to do that.
      I am trying to kick start my healthy eating with less carbs.
      Thank Goodness I really don't like chocolate

  6. How fabulous you worked for Hallmark! Still my favorite card. And I agree...why rail against a holiday? It's true that we all like some occasions much more than others. I say take what you like and ignore what you do not. Easy peasy. Waiting for square dog Friday with trepidation. Hugs to those very gud dugs.X

    1. I sent you an e-mail I hope it got through.
      Are you covered in snow ?

  7. I agree, hand written note to loved ones, that's important! Refrigerator for Valentine's Day? Haha, it's funny actually :-) It's too bad if people feel pressured by those commercials to spend lots of money. Holidays should be fun!
    Your hearts are very pretty. The small brown heart kind of looks like chocolate :-)

  8. I agrea with you Parsnip. Although it was never that much a holiday here, it is now becoming more accustomed. Love your display of harts.

  9. I agree, Valentine is what you make it. My Husband makes me feel special all the time, Valentine's day just reenforces it.
    Hope the Square Ones are doing well.

  10. Lovely mid week pretties parsnip, and yes Valentine is a fun day for us that we choose to celebrate.

  11. I bet it was fun working for Hallmark! Love the stone/ceramic hearts!

  12. I was a lot more sentimental about Valentine's Day when I was single. Now, I'm just grateful for what I've got, and try to be everyday.

    1. Good words.
      I am so grateful to be here and alive.

  13. Wise words Parsnip. I love those heart stones!

  14. I was going to ignore Valentine's day but then I remembered all the cards I have kept from Alastair and reminded myself of how happy we were - not just on Valentine's Day.
    Poor darling Hamish. Please give him a hug from me.