Friday, February 13, 2015

Square Dog Friday... what to do ?

Today is Friday.
The best day of the week for 
Two Little Square Black Dogs.
thehamish was getting some what better from the dog attack
but then the pain pills cycle ended.
So he is back on pills for another week. 
Poor little guy he is not feeling great.
 This is so not thehamish !
When a Scottish Terrier is not smiling (they have the best gud dug smiles)
and without a perky bounce in their step,
you know something is wrong.
 So unlike thehamish.

He has started to wear his necklace again.
I waited to put it back on him because that is where the attack happened.

His appointment for the next biopsy is on the 26.
Incision just about there !
Ack, full frontal again or full underside ?

 Just had to add this already posted photo of Watson peeking over
the sofa to see what I was doing on my worktable.
He had been napping on the sofa.
I just love this photo of Dr. Watson.

Now for your weekend pretty.
The answer to "what is this"
 It is a one of a kind
Baking Sheet !
Oh My Goodness.
First:  the baking sheet is very clean.
I just haven't taken a "Brillo" pad to it. 
It even went into the dish washer.

I was cooking some chicken on two layers of tin foil in the oven.
When I turned them over I must have ripped the foil 
in several places and the lemon basting sauce just baked the foil to the pan.
After it all cooled down I tried to rip as much foil off the pan as I could 
and then soaked it over night.
The next morning I scrubbed all the foil off and 
walaa this is what is left.
A foil etched, lemon chicken baking sheet.
 I am thinking of framing it.
I am so weird.
Kitchen art at it's best.
My posting and visiting your blogs 
will be again somewhat off and on.
thehamish is having a rough time with the biopsies
ultra sounds, x-rays, blood test and dog attack pain.
I always expect because Watson is much older at almost 17,
with all his health problems to be the more quiet of the two. 
Not my bundle of crazy thehamish.
yert !
weird. . . parsnip
music. . . Heart Is A Drum, Beck


  1. Awww, those pictures of thehamish are heart-breaking. I hope he gets to feeling better soon.

    Kitchen art, indeed! Thanks. Now I know what to call some of MY baking pans...

    Happy weekend!

  2. Not sure about that kitchen art but beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. Poor Hamish. Hope he's up and running around soon. Great photo of Watson too.

    1. It is very upsetting to see thehamish like this.

  3. Woe...oh woe for little square dogs who are not feeling at all well today. Love the photo of the belleh shot....they really shaved the bejeebers out of his tummy! Good thing you're in a warmer climate, otherwise...brrrrrrrr! Holding a good thought that thehamish will be feeling much better real soon. X

  4. Poor Hamish!

    Watson looks so cute peering over the sofa.

    1. I love that series of him peeking over the sofa.

  5. So sorry there's no spring in the pup.

    Wow, baking sheet. That is brilliant. I love that you saw that, and snapped a shot.

    1. Very much so.

      I was working in the kitchen the other day and had this mixture and had to take a shot of it for an upcoming Friday Question.

      Have a great weekend, Parsnip. Three days for Tim. Woohoo.

  6. Baking sheet. Never would have thought that. Hope for less destress for thehamish. And Watson is so adorable looking over the sofa.
    Enjoy your weekend Parsnip.

  7. Baking sheet! I could never ever think of it! But this was fun. I hope you'll do "what is this" post again :-)

    It is really heart breaking to see thehamish not feeling well. Poor sweet baby. I hope his smile will come back and he'll be a happy boy xoxo

  8. Poor baby!

    Miss you over at my blog, Gayle. Try removing it from your blogroll, then put it back in using this URL:

    So far, it's worked for everyone else.

  9. I do think of you and your boys often, hope it gets better.

  10. I shall keep reading about those two square ones whether or not you have the time to visit me Parsnip. I do hope that this week the news gets gradually better.

  11. I hope the Hamish is coping with all his proceedures. Dogs are so uncomplaining and such troopers. I'm wishing him all the best and a speedy time getting back up to speed - Lily xxx