Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday... just because I can pretty

This is my Saturday morning.
Since it is still winter there is a new set of sceens for my weather app on "Line"
I picked the snowflake one because it is very pretty.
It will be 80 today with a low of 47. Some how not snow type weather.
The view is one of my favorites, looking out from the hot tub to the shower 
and the west side of my home.
Thank You all for all the good wishes for the Square Ones.
thehamish is really doing wonderfully this morning.
Terriers + painpill = a very happy gud dug.
Tucson has a lease law but, many do not care.
The nice older couple from down the street did have his dog on  leash.
As I wrote he was walking his dog 
(sorry English is my first language to bad I can't write it)
but she is strong and just took off right at thehamish leaving the owner behind.
They have offered to pay for the vet bills.
I think they were really shaken by this but I do think they need to have her trained
to walk better on a lead. 
My Square Ones are 16 and 12. Both have major health problems as you all know.
They both walk very very slow on their walks. Plodding is a good word.
But the bottom line is thehamish got hurt at a super bad time in his life.
But I also know accidents can happen to any of us.
Thank You all for your wonderful comments.
When I read the comments to him he liked the sound effects and all the hugs 
but he also wanted to know about the chkikin' strips
yert !

cheers,  gayle



  1. 20C and this is winter? What are the tempertures during summer? Here it was -6C last week.
    Good to read thehamish is doing much better. Have a good weekend.

    1. Goodness you don't want to know about summer !
      This is a warm winter with not enough rain. That "should" to be our high for the day and not just the morning.
      It will go up to 80 F today. but a storm is coming in on Tuesday !

  2. 80 degrees? Didn't it just snow there a week ago?

    1. hahahahahahahaaha it is Tucson !
      But it wasn't suppose to snow.

  3. I read yesterday's and today's post to catch up a little. I'm soooo sorry to hear about that other dog going after one of your boys. I'm glad to hear it wasn't worse, and the pain pills are helping. Poor fella.

    Wow! Eighty degrees! Nice. It's in the sixties with wall-to-wall sunshine here, and we're thoroughly enjoying it.

  4. Glad to hear thehamish is doing well this morning. Take care x

  5. Ohhh must be very nice to soak in hot tub seeing such a gorgeous view!
    I'm glad to read the dog's owners are responsible people. Still, what happened to thehamish breaks my heart. Glad he is doing well today. I hope he gets better soon xoxo

  6. Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear about Hamish's mishap. Thank goodness it wasn't worse and I'm glad to hear he's feeling better. Sending white light and healing to all of you.

  7. Yesh! Chikin strips cure everything! So glad gud dug thehamish is feeling better. Was it really 80 degrees today? Really,really,really?? *Le.sigh* They're predicting another 16 inches of snow for us tomorrow. I promise to send you some photos...if I can get out the front door. :-)

  8. Poor square laddie - give him a hug from me.

  9. I agree. Extra chicken strips for both lads!

  10. Please squeeze in a couple of extra hugs from me!

  11. I do hope the elderly couple have learnt from this.

  12. I'm so sorry Hamish suffered harm from another dog. As you say these things do happen, but it is nonetheless shocking. I hope he is recovering from the experience and his health is generally improving. Love the to beautiful Square Dogs! - Flossy and LIly x

  13. 16!!! What an amazing age Parsnip. I had no idea. So pleased they're doing well. x

  14. You seem to keep positive in the tough times. Perhaps that is why Hamish as recovered so well.

  15. So sorry to hear about the Hamish, wishing him a speedy recovery! That's a pretty view with the palo verdes. These 80 degree days are weird, I hope winter is not over already.