Friday, February 6, 2015

Square Dog Friday, The Good The Bad and the Ugly.

Square Dog Friday
Best day of the week and then some.

The Good
A few of thehamish tests came back.
So far the early test are ok(ish).
We have to wait 2 weeks to see if the new pills are helping.
They "think" the enlarged liver is because of his diabetes.
We are waiting for the cells to be read ?
The spleen is a mystery. The doctors have no idea why it looks like that but
so far the cells look "ok".
As I said before after the the new x-ray and tests in two weeks we will (?) know more.

The Bad
thehamish was feeling better so Son took Watson and thehamish for a slow walk.
The neighbor was walking his out of control Airedale. She took one look at 
thehamish and took off after him. She ran straight at him. 
He snapped for her to back off as she towered over him.
She bit his neck and tossed him before Son and the owner separated them.
Son carried thehamish back and we washed him looking for blood 
and wounds.
He cried every time we touched his left side.
We found chunks of hair ripped off but no blood. His collar saved him.
What was really bad he was shivering from the adrenaline overload.
That was/is very bad for his diabetes.  Having the extra adrenaline pulsing into 
his eyes is devastating as we are always trying to control his adrenaline levels.

The Ugly
We took thehamish to his Vet and the Doctor was so very gentle with him. 
He manipulated every part of his body and checked for bite marks.
Except for the chunks of hair ripped off his neck and side, he is bruised very badly.
He doesn't walk very fast and has a hard time getting up.
He is on a very good pain pill right now and that has seemed to help. 
He is sleeping a lot.
So thehamish saga continues we will have part 3 in two weeks.
yert !


Because I can here is your pretty to start the weekend.
Going back to some what happier times.
 ummmmmm we know that is not a ball rolling towards us !
Watson, I will eat it because I like to eat ice.

i thehamish is not lookin' at the not gud ball
it is an affront to ththamish hahahahaha thehamish knowin' some big words
i will not even look at the not  gud ball
nononononono no not me the gud dug thehamish

ack. . . parsnip
music. . . Looking After You,  The Fray


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm sorry to read this. Hope he's feeling
    better soon. Good gosh.

  2. He is better but HATES one of his new pills ! clenched jaw time. I have to give it first thing in the morning on empty tummy.
    So no hiding it in something yummy.
    Really this gud dug is held together with some tape, glue, string and a prayer.

    1. Tape, Glue, String & Prayer. Sounds like a great title.

  3. Unleashed dogs drive me wild. I hate it when their owner says, oh he won't bite, he's just being friendly. Makes you want to drop kick them through the goal posts of life, the owner that is, I wouldn't hurt a dog.
    Hope Hamish is ok.

  4. Man, I hope the owner of that Airedale ended up paying for that vet bill.

  5. Oh no, poor sweet thehamish. Attacked by Airedale...what a horrible thing he had to go through. I feel very angry with the owner of the dog. I hope thehamish heals quickly.
    Glad the test result was not so bad. I sure hope the new pills help. I wish you all a relaxing weekend xoxo

  6. Poor Hamish. I'm with Mac n' Janet. Unleashed dog owners: grrrrr.

  7. Poor darling Hamish - nothing is going right for him at the moment. Give him a gentle hug from me.

  8. Poor Hamish. I'd kick that neighbour's ass for this. Grrrr indeed.

  9. Hope your dogs are better soon. What a sad post to drop in on.

  10. Oh this is terrible. Poor thehamish. What can I say but wish him all the best and hope he will get over this asp. For you and the dogs a big hug.

  11. Gosh, Thank You for all your good wishes.
    thehamish seems better today, tough little terriers always win.
    I just checked back to the post and noticed a line was missing. Blogger and I still are having problems.
    The older owner (who is very nice) had his dog on a leash but she took off running and just zapped away from him.
    He has offered to pay for the vet bills.
    They are a very nice couple and he was very upset.
    I despise un-leashed dogs. But here where I live you have to keep dogs on leash plus if you don't the coyotes and javelins will attack.

  12. Poor Hamish. So glad for the update and that he's a bit better. Nice to hear the owner has offered to pay the bill and regrets the incident. They are good neighbors indeed. Sad that they have a wrangly unpredictable dog to deal with. Hugs to all.

  13. Glad to hear that thehamish is feeling better, and I hope Watsons tests all come back okay as well. You're having a bit of a time of it aren't you, maybe soon all will come right.


  14. Hope they're both feeling better soon!

  15. Why wasn't the Airdale on a leash? Poor puppy!

  16. You must have endless control Parsnip. I fear I would have been quite fierce with the elderly couple.